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Frequently Asked Questions

Resorts World Cruises Brand

Can you confirm with us the details of the establishment and launch of Resorts World Cruises?

• Headquartered in Singapore, Resorts World Cruises is a new luxury and dynamic lifestyle cruise brand, affiliated with over five decades of global experience in both hospitality and cruising.
• Resorts World Cruises delivers the ultimate cruise adventure aboard the Genting Dream, the first ship of a planned fleet that are “Resorts Cruising on High Seas”.
• Genting Dream’s inaugural cruise commenced on 15 June 2022 from her homeport in Singapore.
• Resorts World One will homeport in Hong Kong from 10 March 2023 onwards.

Are there any links between Resorts World Cruises and the Resorts World brand under the Genting group?

• Resorts World Cruises is a brand extension of Resorts World, a global brand with 46 properties in 8 countries spanning 4 continents, welcoming over 80 million visitors a year and served by more than 30,000 employees.
• Resorts World Cruises delivers the ultimate cruise adventure aboard the Genting Dream, the first ship of a planned fleet that are “Resorts Cruising on High Seas”, expanding the Resorts Brand from land experiences to the seas of the world.

Why introduce a new cruise line brand under the Resorts World brand?

• The Resorts World brand is a recognisable and established brand globally.
• As Resorts World Cruises is a brand extension of Resorts World, the launch of a newly home-grown Asian cruise line is timely, in order to expand the Resorts Brand from land experiences to the seas of the world.

How is Resorts World Cruises different from other cruise line brands?

• The Resorts World Cruises DNA is based on the collective strengths of our vast and deep experience with over five decades of affiliated global experience in both hospitality and cruising.
• With that as our bedrock foundation, complemented by our rich and refine Asian heritage and touches, Resorts World Cruises will be a game changer as it redefines the cruising experience on different levels to cater to trendy lifestyles for all walks of life.


Will guests be able to embark from other ports besides Singapore?

• Resorts World Cruises is the first cruise line to add a Kuala Lumpur homeport (via Port Klang) for the Genting Dream, which had started on 18 July 2022, in addition to the Singapore homeport, which commenced on 15 June 2022.
• With the dual homeport options, travelers can choose to embark from Singapore or Kuala Lumpur.

What are the itineraries available for the Genting Dream under Resorts World Cruises?

SINGAPORE DEPARTURES (until end Apr 2024)

• 3 Night Kuala Lumpur & Penang Cruise departing on Sundays
• 2 Night Kuala Lumpur Cruise departing Wednesdays
• 2 Night High Seas Weekend Getaway Cruise departing Fridays
• 3 Night Phuket Cruise (commencing 7 May 2023 on selected Sundays)

KUALA LUMPUR (via PORT KLANG) DEPARTURE (until end Apr 2024)

• 3 Night Penang-Singapore Cruise departing Mondays
• 3 Night Phuket - Singapore cruise departing on selected Monday (commencing 17 Jul 2023)
• 4 Night Singapore cruise departing on selected Thursday (commencing 13 Jul 2023)

Can travellers embark on a one-way cruise from either port?

Yes, Resorts World Cruises will also offer one-way cruises between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

Are cruise bookings open to all travellers?

• For departures from Singapore and Malaysia, Resorts World Cruises bookings for the Genting Dream are open to all Singapore and Malaysian residents & non-residents, international travellers "with travel insurance and valid visa (where applicable).

What are the boarding requirements for Genting Dream under Resorts World Cruises?

i) Present Valid Passport & Travel Documents during cruise
Ø Valid at least 6 months from the returning date of the cruise
Ø Valid Long-Term Pass; Re-entry permit for Singapore resident
Ø Valid Visa for foreigners


Will Resorts World Cruises introduce new homeports besides Hong Kong in 2023 and which ship?

On 10 March 2023, Resorts World One commenced her maiden voyage from Hong Kong. Resorts World One also provides multiple 5-Night cruises to Okinawa, Vietnam and the Philippines departing on selected Sundays.

Is Resorts World One a newly built ship or a rebranded existing ship from the industry?

Resorts World One was formerly the Explorer Dream (under Dream Cruises), a 75,338 gross ton 13-storey high cruise ship that features 928 rooms, which can accommodate over 1,856 guests with world-class cruise facilities. The ship will undergo a rebranding exercise under Resorts World Cruises.

Are cruise bookings open to all travellers?

Yes, Resorts World Cruises bookings for Resorts World One are open to all Hong Kong residents / non-residents / international travellers.

What are the boarding requirements for Resorts World One under Resorts World Cruises?

Hong Kong residents will require a Hong Kong identity card to cruise. Non-Hong Kong residents and international travellers will require Valid travel documents with a minimum validity of 6 months and valid visa (where applicable). Additionally, all residents should provide a photocopy of their passport and the cruise confirmation slip.


What preventive measures are taken to ensure crew members are COVID-19 free?

We would like to assure you that the safety and well-being of both our guests and crew is our number one priority. All our crew signing on are fully vaccinated and we will continue adhere to the local requirements and guidelines.

In terms of air ventilation is there any recirculation of air on the ship?

Both Genting Dream and Resorts World One ship design enables 100% external fresh air to be filtered and supplied to the cabins and on board public areas – ensuring a constant and healthy flow of fresh air throughout the vessel with no recirculation of air between cabins within the ship.

Will there be any medical officers on board that are specialized to handle any potential COVID-19 outbreak? Also is the ship well equipped with the medical facilities?

Our on board medical team, which include nurses, doctors and an Infection Control Officer (ICO) on board are certified to manage any emergency or medical crisis with a well-equipped medical facility, including Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) machines for on board COVID-19 testing.

What are the measures in place to ensure the virus is contained should there be an infection on board?

• Resorts World Cruises would like to reiterate that the safety of its guests and crew remains its highest priority and as such, stringent measures have been implemented based on the local authorities’ requirements.
• In the event of a detected positive case on board for COVID-19, the reported guest will be immediately isolated at the isolation ward for further examination and on board testing with close traveling companions immediately quarantined.
• Contact tracing will immediately be activated via CCTV analysis and access cards use analysis, which are coordinated by the on board team, including the Infection Control Officer (ICO) on board .
• All on board public areas and cabins will undergo cleaning and disinfection in accordance with guidelines.
• The ship will further coordinate with the local authorities on the ongoing protocols.


Is online check-in mandatory for guests?

Guests must visit for the mandatory ONLINE CHECK-IN – available up to 72 hours prior before your cruise departure time. Guests must ensure correct contact details during ONLINE CHECK-IN.

Can I change my online check in timing?

Guests are required to follow the designated check-in timing as priority will be given to those who arrive at the terminal within their given check-in timing and to minimize congestion at the terminal.

If there is a change / cancelation of itinerary, how far in advance will Resorts World Cruises notify guests of the change / cancellation

We will update our guests soonest possible should there be a need for a change of itinerary or cancelation due to unforeseen circumstances.

What are the available options should there be a change of itinerary or cancelation of destination cruise prior to the departure date?

Guests will have the option to cancel their bookings 48 hours prior to the departure date and will be entitled to Future Cruise Credit via their original booking source.

What type of payments are accepted on board the ship?

On board the ship, Resorts World Cruises accepts the following payment method – Visa / Mastercard / UnionPay / GrabPay / AliPay / WeChat Pay / kakaopay.
For more details, please refer to Cruise Guide.

How can Resorts World Cruises assure customers that their bookings are safe?

• Resorts World Cruises understand the concerns that some of the customers may have.
• Rest assured, all cruise payments made to Resorts World Cruises will be kept in a separate account, that will only be drawn down prior to the actual cruise commencement.
• As this is a permanent feature, Resorts World Cruises’ valued passengers can enjoy peace of mind and be assured that their paid cruise fares will remain safe and protected.

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