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10 Tips & Tricks for First-Time Cruise Passengers

Peep our tips for a smooth sailing experience at sea.

Setting sail for the very first time? Summer is the perfect time for a first-time cruise, with sunny skies and calm waters awaiting travellers. Beyond beautiful weather and stunning seascapes, there’s a lot to love about at-sea vacations: It’s adventure-friendly, good for all ages, all-inclusive, and a fun way to explore new countries. If this is your first time on a cruise, then you’re definitely in for a treat with Resorts World Cruises. Here are a few essential first-time cruise tips to help you make the most out of your getaway at sea.

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Must-know tips for your first time on a cruise

1. Start with a short cruise 

Image credit: Resorts World Cruises

Sailing can take you all around the world, but for your first-time cruise experience, you may want to start with nearby destinations. Try dipping a toe in the water first! That way, you can slowly figure out what parts of the cruise you like — and the ones you’re less enamoured with.

If you’re coming from Singapore, Resorts World Cruises is an excellent cruise liner for your first journey on the high seas. Two- and three-night cruises to places like Thailand and Malaysia are the perfect way to test the waters. Even experienced cruise passengers enjoy a quick sailing trip every now and then. Shorter cruises are wallet-friendly and convenient, offering a fun getaway that you won’t have to take too much time off work. Running out of vacation leaves? No problem.

2. Prepare all your travel documents

Image credit: Aaftab Sheikh via Canva Pro

Going by boat doesn’t mean you get to skip all the paperwork that comes with travelling between countries. Before boarding, make sure all your documents are on hand. A valid passport is always a requirement, but Resorts World Cruises also requires a valid long-term pass and re-entry permit for Singapore residents or a valid visa for foreigners. Each ship will probably ask for different requirements, so it’s best to confirm with your cruise liner or agent before the trip.

3. Pack smart

Image credit: martin-dm via Canva Pro

Frequent travellers take packing seriously, and it’s no different on a cruise! You want to make sure you have everything you need, after all. Some essentials include personal toiletries, a travel outlet adapter, a power bank, and a day bag for shore excursions. First-time cruise tips from experts even include packing a bottle of vino — yes, many ships actually allow passengers to bring their own wine.

Remember to pack the most important items in your carry-on bag, even for shorter trips. That’s because it can take a few hours to get checked luggage. Medications should always be somewhere you can easily access, along with chargers, sunblock, sunglasses, and a change of clothes.

4. Splurge on luxury options

Image credit: Resorts World Cruises

Looking for something a little more upscale for a special occasion? Here’s one of our best insider tips for first-time cruise passengers: The Palace. Found in all Resorts World Cruises’ ships, this opulent ship-within-a-ship is an all-suite enclave designed for five-star travellers.

A vacation at The Palace promises posh suite accommodations with premium amenities. More than that, The Palace spoils travellers with all sorts of luxury privileges: exclusive access to The Palace Restaurant and The Palace private pool; priority entry to theatre performances, spa facilities, and the Chef’s Table; and a Happy Hour with complimentary drinks. You’ll even enjoy a 24-hour butler concierge service!

Embrace luxury travel on the high seas with your best bud at The Palace! From 1 Aug to 10 Sep 2023, cruise passengers can take advantage of Resorts World Cruises’ Bring Your Friend for Free promo.

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5. Make a game plan for your cruise activities 

Image credit: Resorts World Cruises

If it’s your first time stepping on a cruise ship, you’ll be surprised at its sheer size and magnitude of onboard activities. Truthfully, these vessels are more like full-fledged floating resorts than anything else! Spend your first hours aboard reviewing the map of the ship and exploring the various areas. It’s best to know where everything is — and what amenities you can enjoy on the ship.

For example, endless fun activities await on the premier cruise ship Genting Dream. Pristine cabins and suites aside, there are swimming pools, a waterslide park, a ropes course, a zipline, a theatre, and even a beach club for nighttime escapades. Travellers on a two- or three-day trip will have no problems filling their itineraries to the brim. (Although, relaxing poolside for two straight days is fine, too, if that’s your kind of vacay!)

Tip: Leave time for shore excursions, too! Cruises are mostly about the journey, but surely, it’s also a little bit about the destination, right?

6. Plan your meals well

Image credit: Resorts World Cruises Official Website

Foodies on their first-time cruise, rejoice! You’re not a castaway here, so there’s no getting hungry on a cruise. Each trip with Resorts World Cruises is inclusive of multiple meals daily. Eat as much as you want at the halal buffet restaurant The Lido or the semi-buffet dining establishment The Dream Dining Room. Guests at The Palace will also enjoy dining at the exclusive restaurant within the all-suite enclave.

Planning to try speciality dining experiences? There are plenty of choices, too, from fine dining at Silk Road Chinese Restaurant to Japanese and Korean favourites at Umi Uma. Just make sure you book early — it’s easy to run out of tables at these popular restaurants.

7. Join a themed trip for a unique first-time cruise experience

Image credit: Resorts World Cruises Official Facebook Page

Here’s the thing: Not all cruises are created the same. If one-of-a-kind experiences float your boat, then a themed cruise might be right up your alley! There are a wide variety of special-interest cruises available for a limited time, from carnival-themed trips to food festivals at sea. Sailing the open ocean is memorable enough on its own, but finding a fun theme to enjoy at sea takes a first-time cruise up a notch!

Upcoming themed journeys with Resorts World Cruises include the UWeekly 22nd Anniversary (24–27 Sep 2023) with karaoke nights, games, and an anniversary dinner. If live performances are more your speed, hop aboard a Getai Theme Cruise (11–13 Oct 2023) for a two-hour Getai Music & Comedy Show that offers top-notch entertainment. And more fantastic celebrations are slated for the year, including the Halloween extravaganza Halloween At Sea and holiday festivities at the Xmas Wonderland.


8. Be ready for cashless payments

Image credit: Georgi Dyulgerov

Although most cruises are all-inclusive, travellers should be prepared to shell out some money for extra activities they may want to indulge in onboard. It’s always a good idea to check the types of payment methods available on the cruise you’re joining. For instance, Resorts World Cruises accepts Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay, GrabPay, AliPay, WeChat Pay, and KakaoPay.

At the same time, make sure you have a little cash on you for gratuities and additional expenses during shore excursions.

9. Prep for seasickness

Image credit: Ryan Johns

First-time cruise passengers should be prepared for motion sickness, even if large modern cruise ships are far more stable than sailing in old-school boats. But don’t let this keep you from enjoying the journey; there’s over-the-counter medication you can buy to prevent you from getting seasick.

If you get a sudden bout of motion sickness during the cruise, step outside your cabin. Fresh air and gazing at the horizon can help! Travellers prone to seasickness may also want to pick a cabin or suite around the middle of the ship where the rocking isn’t too much of an issue.

10. Keep an eye out for cruise deals

Image credit: Resorts World Cruises

Cruises are already pretty affordable for an all-inclusive getaway, but it’s even more budget-friendly if you book one of the many great cruise deals around. Look around for the best deals and most wallet-friendly prices, so you can maximise the value of your first time on a cruise. Nothing makes us more excited than a great deal, after all!

Stick to your vacation budget with Resorts World Cruises’ awesome markdowns with UOB! Enjoy up to S$300 off + an additional S$50 off your first cruise when you book using UOB Cards. Plus, you can get an additional $50 off per cabin if you book the first 600 cabins. It’s as simple as using the promo code UOBNATAS when booking on the Resorts World Cruises website.

Booking period: 1 Aug – 10 Sep 2023

Sailing period: 1 Aug 2023 – Apr 2024


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