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Family Cruises: 5 Upcoming Cruise Events for Every Generation

Family Cruises: 5 Upcoming Cruise Events for Every Generation

A successful family holiday isn’t easy to get right. Here’s an idea: a sailing expedition. After all, a cruise always makes for a good time, but there’s nothing quite like an ocean adventure with the people you love the most. Tick every box on your family’s wish list on a cruise, from little travel bugs on their first trip at sea to senior citizens relaxing on a much-deserved getaway. Looking for something extra special? We’ve rounded up five upcoming multigenerational cruises on Genting Dream to take your family on this year.

Best family cruises for every generation in 2023

1. Tea-licious Mooncake Affair (6 Sep – 4 Oct)


Image credit (L–R): Houses Cheung; Resorts World Cruises

Planning your Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations? For a lot of people, plans primarily revolve around visiting the family for the holidays. Here’s a suggestion: Perhaps it’s time to sail away on a boat instead. If a special celebration is what you’re after, then the Tea-licious Mooncake Affair with Resorts World Cruises guarantees a holiday to remember. Besides allowing travellers to take the festivities to the high seas, this family cruise sets up the perfect opportunity to learn about and appreciate the ancient art of tea and mooncakes.


Image credit: Resorts World Cruises

Marvel at live performances demonstrating traditional pursuits such as calligraphy and the meditative practice of tea drinking. Travellers who prefer something more active can head to the Zouk Beach Club on 25 Sep 2023 to dive into ancient Chinese martial arts taichokun and qigong, while captivating cello and dizi (bamboo flute) tunes in the Main Lobby keep the atmosphere light-hearted and festive. Delicious mooncake treats and flavourful English and Chinese teas will be overflowing, too!

2. UWeekly 22nd Anniversary Cruise (24–27 Sep)


DJs | Image credit: Resorts World Cruises

Music, entertainment, and nonstop fun: Cruises will typically have all three, but if you hop aboard Genting Dream in the last week of September, expect some extra treats. Singapore lifestyle magazine UWeekly will be celebrating its 22nd anniversary at sea with Mandarin music station UFM 100.3, taking cruise passengers of all ages on the most exciting expedition.

Besides the usual privileges you’ll enjoy on an all-inclusive tour — and there are a lot — joining the UWeekly anniversary journey involves additional perks. Look forward to three nights of “crui-SING” with the UFM 100.3 DJs Qing Hong, Li Mei, Ke Min, and Andrew, while singing along and dancing to popular Mandarin tunes. Karaoke nights on board will surely be the highlight of the experience, while games and celebratory dinners keep the tour action-packed from start to finish.


3. The Royal Trio of Comedy & Music (11–13 Oct 2023)


Image credit: Resorts World Cruises Official Website

Legendary international getai performers Liu Ling Ling, Marcus Ching, and Hao Hao take to the stage for a getai cruise to Kuala Lumpur that promises to keep elderly passengers completely entertained. Although getai performances are traditionally staged during the Hungry Ghost Festival — which falls on 30 Aug 2023 — there’s no reason why we can’t enjoy the lively shows all year round.

Delight in the world-class getai scene on a one-trip-only spectacle The Ultimate Cruise Show: The Royal Trio of Comedy & Music. Colourful stages, live music, and boisterous comic bits mix for an energetic two-hour event that the whole family can enjoy. If you’re putting together a trip for the parents and grandparents, then you won’t go wrong with this unique getai show on Genting Dream.  


4.  Halloween At Sea (8 Oct – 1 Nov)


Image credit: inhauscreative via Canva Pro

Trick or treat! That’s right: the spookiest season of the year is coming, so you better get your costumes ready. It’s not every season that you get to revel in the holiday with the sea rolling beneath your feet but this year, you’ll get the one-of-a-kind opportunity to celebrate a frightfully fun Halloween with Resorts World Cruises’ Halloween At Sea.

Kids and kids-at-heart will undoubtedly make it a creepy extravaganza on board, in all the best ways possible. Let the youngsters get their hands dirty making classic Halloween props, like jack-o’-lanterns and witches’ hats, then revel in fun carnival games and immersive ghost stories. Enjoy tricks and silly frights? Be on guard: Halloween actors hide at unexpected corners of the ship, ready to give passengers a jump scare. Even the Zouk Night Club comes all decked out in quirky Halloween decor for spectacular dance parties till the witching hour and even beyond!

So, are you in? Make like Jack Sparrow and set sail for the high seas — maybe you could even don a pirate’s hat and an eyepatch while you’re at it!

5. Christmas Wonderland (17 Nov – 31 Dec)


Image credit: Resorts World Cruises

Is there a holiday more made for multigenerational get-togethers than Christmas? Treat the entire family to the most festive cruise filled with twinkling lights, vibrant decor, feast-worthy meals, and joyful carols. Whether you’re planning to exchange gifts on board or just looking forward to holidaying in the tropics, Christmas Wonderland won’t disappoint. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, indeed!

Tips for multigenerational cruises


Image credit: Resorts World Cruises Official Website

  1. Plan your vacation ahead of time. To get the best deals and staterooms, you’ll want to start vacation planning way before your scheduled tour date. It’s especially crucial to make reservations in advance if you’re interested in joining themed cruises and events.
  2. Pick the right ship. After all, you want every member of the family to have fun. Look for ships with the right facilities and activities for both kids and senior citizens.
  3. Schedule activities together, too! In your desire to ensure everyone’s having fun, you might forget the most important activity: family bonding. Sure, the kids should enjoy their playtime; adults need a bit of quiet adults-only moments, too. But make sure you’re spending time together on these cruises, too, whether that means family dinners or family-oriented events.


Multigenerational vacations promise a memorable experience for the entire family. From fun-filled activities for the kids to endless opportunities for the elderly to relax, all-inclusive family cruises are value-packed — plus, it’s a great way to bond together away from home!

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