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Japan, epic landscapes & legendary tales.

Step into the realm of myth and wonders, as legendary tales come to life against the backdrop of breathtaking landscapes. A unique blend of traditions and innovations, it’s the epitome of Asian marvels.

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  • NAHA


As the capital of Okinawa Island, Naha serves as the political, economic, and cultural center of the prefecture.
It holds historical significance as a major trading port and has evolved into a bustling urban area with a mix of modernity and traditional Okinawan culture.

Highlights of Naha

Experience this spirited tour of the best Naha has to offer! Explore the Shurijo Castle, soak in the beautiful views of Umikaji Terrace, and shop till you drop at Naha’s famed shopping districts.

Adult HKD400 Child HKD350

Gyokusendo Kingdom Village Tour

Trek into one of the longest caves in Japan and marvel at spectacular natural wonders! Featuring beautiful stalagmites and stalactites, and enjoy traditional Okinawan performing arts afterwards.

Adult HKD550 Child HKD500

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

Experience a wealth of culture, history, and nature in this fantastic aquarium! Be treated to manta rays, whale sharks, and some of the biggest fish in the world!

Adult HKD700 Child HKD650

Natural Beauty of Okinawa

Marvel at nature’s finest in Okinawa as you embark on a tour of its scenic wonders! Explore Cape Manzamo, with its sprawling grasslands, and Mihama American Village, an “Americana” themed entertainment complex!

Adult HKD420 Child HKD370


Miyakojima is a picturesque island situated to the southeast of Okinawa Island,
Miyakojima it is known for its stunning natural beauty, white sandy beaches, and crystal-clear waters.
The island has become a popular destination for tourists seeking relaxation, water sports, and outdoor activities.

Northern Miyakojima Island Tour

Unleash your inner explorer and walk through the bridges connecting Miyakojima and Ikema, bask in the soaring views of Nishihenna Cape, discover new marine life at Miyakojima Marine Park, and experience the famed Yukishio Saltworks.

Adult HKD780 Child HKD730

Southern Miyakojima Island Tour

Visit the longest farm road bridge in Japan and be treated to its kaleidoscopic views of the sea! Explore the depths of the ocean with the Sea-Sky Hakuai semi-submersible vessel, stunning beaches, and even a German culture village!

Adult HKD980 Child HKD930

Shigira Ougon Onsen at Miyakojima

Surround yourself with lush vegetation and beautiful views in a relaxing hot spring for a therapeutic onsen experience. Afterwards, explore the Irabu Bridge— the longest toll-free bridge in Japan that took 9 years to complete!

Adult HKD980 Child HKD930

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