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Experience Okinawa’s vibrant culture on board and be treated to unique performances
and activities with this exclusive festival lined up!
Only available on 5-night Okinawa & 2-night Weekend Cruises

Japan Festival at Sea

Japanese Classic Dance Experience

Immerse in Japanese culture with Nihon Buyo, a captivating blend of classical dance, graceful gestures, and storytelling.

Japanese Traditional Dance Display

Embark on a cultural journey celebrating Japan’s vibrant traditions and rich heritage through mesmerizing music and dance.

Inflatable Sumo Game

Gear up for laughter-inducing challenges in a light-hearted, oversized sumo suit, experiencing the thrill of this traditional Japanese sport.

Okinawa Arts & Crafts

Something wicked-ly fun is coming! Whether you’re a crafting newbie or a seasoned pro, come join us for a lantern-making extravaganza!

Sushi Making Class

Dive into the delightful world of Sushi Making, where even our littlest chefs aged 4 and up can craft their own sushi masterpieces!

Taste of Okinawa

Indulge in the finest Okinawan food for longevity, savoring the unique flavors that define the island’s culinary heritage.

Okinawa Cooking Demonstration

Savor Okinawan culinary artistry with chefs showcasing the finest gourmet meats and tender Okinawan beef.

Sayonara Okinawa Themed Party

Say goodbye to Okinawa with a lively themed party, dancing, celebrating, and cherishing the unforgettable memories.

Resorts Cruising At Sea

At Resorts World Cruises, we bring the classic resort experience to
you even while at sea. Enjoy elevated experience while you explore
all that Southeast Asia has to offer.

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