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Passage Terms

Terms And Conditions

This document is a legally binding contract between the Carrier and the Guest. All Guests are advised to read the terms and conditions set forth below (“Passage Contract”) carefully. The attention of Guest is especially directed to Clauses 5, 10, 12, 15 and 16 which contain important limitations on the rights of Guest to assert claims against the Carrier, the Vessel, their agents and employees and others.

  20. NOTICE


All cruises/passages and all businesses and services undertaken by the Carrier are subject to the terms and conditions set out herein. In this Passage Contract, words importing the masculine gender shall include the feminine gender and vice versa. Words in the singular shall include the plural and words in the plural shall include the singular.

  1. For purposes of this Passage Contract the term "Carrier" shall mean RW Cruises Pte Ltd, its direct and indirect holding companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, designees, assigns or successors, the named Vessel, any substituted vessel, and its or their owners, operators, employees, agents, charterers, tenders, launches and related facilities. All rights, defences, immunities and limitations of liability of Carrier set forth herein shall also inure to the benefit of all of the Carrier's concessionaires, facilities, independent contractors or other service providers, whether at sea or ashore, including but not limited to shore excursion or tour operators, retail shop personnel; any affiliated or related companies, parents, subsidiaries, successors, assigns or fictitiously named entities; all suppliers, shipbuilders, component part manufacturers; and its or their owners, operators, managers, charterers, agents, pilots, officers, crew, servants and employees, who shall have no liability to the Guest, either in contract or in tort, which is greater than or different from that of the Carrier.
  2. The term "Cruise" means all water transportation aboard the Vessel and the Vessel's tenders from the port of embarkation to the port of final destination which Carrier agree to provide to Guest pursuant to this Passage Contract and includes cruise-to-nowhere where the port of embarkation is the same as the port of final destination.
  3. The term "Guest" shall include but not be limited to any person or entity making a reservation or purchasing the Cruise or for whom a reservation is made or the Cruise is purchased on the date and Vessel indicated on the relevant document, accepting or using this Passage Contract, including others in the care of the Guest, any accompanying minors, and any of the heirs, relatives, successors, assigns or representatives of the Guest, regardless whether signed by or on behalf of the Guest. “Guest” shall have the same meaning as “Passenger” in this Passage Contract.
  4. The "Fare" means the amount paid for the Cruise which includes only the transportation as specified herein, full board, and ordinary ship’s food during the Cruise, but does not include gratuities, spirits, wines, beer, soft drinks, sodas or mineral waters, shore excursions, salon and spa services, or any other incidental or personal services charge or expense. The Fare does not include government taxes and/or fees, charges, tolls and taxes imposed or sanctioned by any governmental or quasi-governmental authorities including but not limited to Customs fees, head taxes, dockage fees, wharfage fees, inspection fees, pilotage, air taxes, hotel or VAT taxes incurred as part of a land tour, immigration and naturalization fees, harbor maintenance fees and Internal Revenue Service fees, port/terminal charges and Guest handling charges, whether assessed on a per passenger, per berth, per ton or per vessel basis. In the case of per ton or per vessel assessments, those assessments will be spread over the passenger capacity of the ship. Such expense, charge, fee, cost or tax, as the case may be, shall be paid for in full by the Guest on demand at the prevailing rates in addition to the Fare. Subject to Clause 3 below, Government Fees and Taxes are subject to change and Carrier reserves the right to collect any increases in effect at the time of sailing even if the fare has already been paid in full.
  5. The term “Vessel” shall mean such vessel or vessels employed, hired, operated, provided and/or chartered by the Carrier in the performance of this Passage Contract, and/or any substitute vessel.
  6. The term "Passage Contract" means the reservation information provided by or on behalf of the Guest, the Carrier's acceptance of the reservation, and the terms and conditions contained herein, together with any amendments agreed in writing and signed by a duly authorized representative of Carrier. This Passage Contract shall constitute the entire agreement between Carrier and Guest and supersedes all other agreements, representations or conditions contained in Carrier’s advertisements, notices, brochures or other literature and all promises and agreements made or claimed to have been made by anyone in connection with the Cruise to the Guest or anyone representing the Guest, whether oral or written.
  7. The term "Master" means the Captain of the Vessel or any person who acts under his authority.
  8. Except as provided in Clause 15, 16, 18 and 21 below, should any provision of this Passage Contract be unenforceable, contrary to or invalid by virtue of the law of the jurisdiction in which this Passage Contract is sought to be enforced or be so held by a court of competent jurisdiction, such provision(s) shall be deemed to be severed from the Passage Contract and of no effect and all remaining provisions herein shall be in full force and effect and constitute the Contract of Carriage.


  1. The liability of Carrier and any other parties involved in supplying services in connection with the Cruise may be limited by international conventions including conventions relating to the carriage of guests and their luggage by sea, air and rail. Carrier shall be entitled to the maximum protection allowed by law in respect of their liability or any limitation on damages recoverable by Guest against Carrier.
  2. The liability of Carrier for loss of life or injury to a Guest or for loss of or damage to luggage during the Cruise, wherever and whenever occurring, shall in no circumstances except by force of law exceed the limits of liability as provided under the Athens Convention Relating to the Carriage of Passengers and their Luggage by Sea (1974) together with the Protocol of 1976 to the Athens Convention Relating to the Carriage of Passengers and their Luggage by Sea (collectively the "Athens Convention"). The Athens Convention shall be incorporated as part of the Passage Contract irrespective of whether the Carrier is international carriage or not. Without derogating from or in any way depriving the Carrier or the Vessel of the benefits of any exemptions, exclusions or limitations contained in the provisions in Clauses 5, 10, 12 and 15 and 16 of the Passage Contract, on Cruises which neither embark, disembark nor call at any U.S. port, the Carrier and/or the Vessel shall, to the extent permissible by law, be entitled to any and all liability limitations and immunities and rights applicable to it under the Athens Convention, which relevant terms and provisions include, inter alia,
    1. Article 5 whereby the Carrier shall not be liable for loss of or damage to monies, negotiable securities, gold, silver, silverware, jewelry, ornaments, works of art or other valuables, except where such valuables have been deposited with the Carrier for the agreed purpose of safe-keeping in which case the liability of the Carrier shall be liable up to the limit provided for in Article 8 of the Athens Convention unless a higher limit is agreed upon in accordance with paragraph 1 of Article 10;
    2. Article 7 whereby the liability of the Carrier for the death of or personal injury to a passenger shall in no case exceed 46,666 SDR per carriage;
    3. Article 8 whereby the liability of the Carrier for the loss of or damage to cabin luggage shall in no case exceed 833 SDR per passenger per carriage, and in the case of loss of or damage to vehicles including all luggage carried in or on the vehicle, 3,333 SDR per vehicle per carriage, and in the case of loss of or damage to luggage other than those mentioned in this paragraph, 1,200 SDR per passenger per carriage, subject to the full amount deductible as set out in Article 8(4).
    4. Article 15 which deals with the notification of claims in respect of loss of or damage to luggage; and
    5. Article 16 which provides for a two-year limitation period for the bringing of claims shall be deemed to have been fully incorporated in these terms and conditions and the Passage Contract and liability shall in no circumstances exceed the limits therein prescribed from time to time.
  3. The term "SDR" mentioned above denotes an international basket of currencies created by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in 1969. The IMF defines Special Drawing Rights (SDR) as follows: The SDR is an international reserve asset, created by the IMF in 1969 to supplement the existing official reserves of member countries. SDRs are allocated to member countries in proportion to their IMF quotas. The SDR also serves as the unit of account of the IMF and some other international organizations. Its value is based on a basket of key international currencies. In order to obtain the current USD equivalent of the SDR, please log on to the following website, managed by IMF -
  4. In relation to Cruises which embark, disembark, or call at any U.S. port, the Carrier shall further have the benefit of all statutes of the United States of America providing for limitation of and exoneration/exemption from liability and the procedures provided thereby, including but not limited to Title 46 of the United States Code sections 30501 through 30509, and 30511. Nothing in this Passage Contract is intended to nor shall it operate to limit or deprive the Carrier of any such statutory limitation of or exoneration from liability under any applicable laws.


  1. This Passage Contract shall incorporate and be governed by these terms and conditions which the Carrier may at any time amend without notice to the Guest.
  2. This ticket (sometimes in the form of booking confirmation) is valid only for the voyage specified and for the Guest named thereon and it cannot be transferred without Carrier’s written consent. The acceptance or use of this ticket by the Guest shall be treated or deemed as acceptance and agreement by each of them to all of the terms and conditions of this Passage Contract.
  3. All Cruises are subject to availability at the time of booking. No Passage Contract shall exist until the deposit (or, where appropriate, the full price) has been paid, whether or not a booking confirmation has been issued, and all money paid to a travel agent shall be held on the Carrier's behalf until such time as it is paid to the Carrier. Failure to pay the sum by the due date shall entitle the Carrier to cancel the booking and impose a cancellation charge under the Clause hereunder.
  4. The Fare paid shall be considered fully earned at the time of payment, or if not previously paid, then at the time payment is due or upon embarkation, whichever is sooner. The Carrier shall not be liable to make any refund to Guest in respect of lost ticket or in respect of ticket wholly or partly not used by a Guest except as expressly set forth herein, notwithstanding any statute or other governmental regulation to the contrary.
  5. Published Fares including those in any brochure or other publication may be subject to change at any time.
  6. The Carrier may alter the Fare specified at the time of reservation and impose, without prior notice, a surcharge upon the Fare of an amount to be assessed by the Carrier which the Guest shall pay prior to embarkation, in order to take into account changes in the cost of providing the Cruise caused by variations in certain transport costs, including fuel costs, dues, taxes, fees or adverse movement in currency exchange rates.
  7. Services and goods provided during the Cruise and any port or airport charges and taxes which are not included in the Fare shall be paid by Guest. Where such services or goods are provided on board the Vessel, payment must be made before Guest leaves the Vessel.
  8. Without prejudice to any lien over Guest's luggage and goods, Guest agrees that Carrier shall be entitled to prevent any luggage or goods belonging to or traveling with Guest from leaving the Vessel until all sums owed to Carrier by Guest have been paid.


  1. Upon embarkation and throughout the Cruise, Guest shall have received all medical inoculations necessary for the Cruise and shall have available for production all proper and necessary travel documents such as passports, visas, proof of citizenship, re-entry permits, medical certificates showing all necessary vaccinations, and all other documents necessary for the scheduled ports of call and disembarkation. Notwithstanding any advice or information provided by or on behalf of Carrier from time to time, it is Guest's sole responsibility to establish and comply with all entry requirements and ensure his legal eligibility to travel. The Guest is advised to check with his travel agent or the appropriate government authority to determine the necessary documents and travel eligibility requirements. Guest shall be responsible for and keep Carrier and all third parties indemnified in respect of any liability loss damage or expense arising out of any failure to comply with such requirement. Guest will be subject to any fine or other costs incurred by Carrier, which result from improper documentation or non-compliance with applicable regulations, which amount may be charged to Guest’s stateroom account and/or credit card. Carrier may cancel the booking of any Guest who is or becomes ineligible to travel for any reason, or who is travelling without proper documentation. At any port or place Carrier or Master may refuse to embark or may disembark any Guest who, in the opinion of the Master or other authorized ship's officer, might be excluded from landing at destination by Immigration or other Governmental Authorities or who may be suffering from contagious or infectious disease. In such cases, Guest shall not be entitled to any refund of Fare or compensation of any kind. Under no circumstances shall Carrier be liable for any cost, damage or expense whatsoever incurred by any Guest as a result of such cancellation or denial of boarding.
  2. Guest shall arrive for embarkation onboard the Vessel at the Cruise embarkation port by the time fixed by the Carrier, or if no time has been notified then Guest must arrive at least 3 hours before the time scheduled for departure. Guest agrees, in all ports of call during the Cruise, to return to the Vessel in good time, and in any event, not less than 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time, to board the Vessel. It is Guest's responsibility to be aware of the required boarding time and return to the Vessel so as not to miss Vessel's departure and to take into account any difference between the time on shipboard and shore side clocks. If Guest does not arrive to board on time at any port or place then Carrier shall not have any liability in respect of the consequence. Carrier shall not be obliged to delay or deviate from the intended itinerary and Guest shall bear any and all costs arising as a result thereof. Costs associated with transportation of Guest to rejoin the Vessel including, but not limited to, governmental fees, visa fees, subsistence, lodging, air fare, launch fare, car hire or agency fees shall be borne by the Guest.
    Furthermore, for those passengers who return late in any port of call during the Cruise, an administrative charge of SGD150 (or its equivalent) per person would be levied. And the Vessel shall have absolute right to leave the port as scheduled or anytime thereafter without any liability, compensation or refund whatsoever, and the Passage Contract (including any travel service or obligation as may have agreed under the passage contract) between the Carrier and any such passenger who ended up failed to return to the Vessel would be regarded as have been fulfilled completely and satisfactorily.
  3. Guest acknowledges that medical care on a cruise ship may be limited or delayed and the ship may travel to destinations where medical care is limited or unavailable, and that the Vessel may or may not carry a ship's physician or other medical personnel at the election of the Carrier. Therefore, every Guest warrants that the Guest and any person in Guest’s care/responsibly shall be physically fit to take the Cruise at the time of embarkation and give a warranty that this is the case. The Carrier reserves the right to require any Guest to produce medical evidence of fitness to travel on the Cruise. Guest must be self sufficient and/or should travel with a companion to provide any assistance needed during the Cruise. Carrier reserves the right to require that any Guest who is not self-sufficient to travel with a companion who shall take responsibility for any assistance needed during the voyage and in case of emergency.
    1. Guest with any physical or mental disability, mobility problem, other medical condition or handicap which may require special care, treatment or assistance of any kind during the voyage (including persons confined to wheelchairs) must report to Carrier in writing when a reservation is made. If any such disability, mobility problem or condition arises after the reservation has been made then notice must be given to Carrier as soon as possible. Carrier may require a medical certificate or other documentation, information or waiver relating to such disability, mobility problem condition as it considers necessary.
    2. The Carrier reserves the right to refuse or revoke passage to, or cancel the reservation of, any Guest who fails to notify the Carrier of any physical disability, mobility problem or other condition which may require special assistance or accommodation, or who is, in the sole judgment of the Carrier, as a result of such condition unfit to travel, or who may require care, treatment or attention beyond that which the Carrier can provide or if Carrier is not satisfied that the safety, comfort and well-being of the Guest and/or any other Guests can be guaranteed. In the event of denial of boarding of the Vessel, Carrier may at its absolute discretion refund all or part of the Fare, but otherwise no refund or compensation will be made by Carrier. Carrier shall have no liability in respect of any refusal to allow boarding in accordance with the provisions of this Clause.
    3. Without limiting the generality of the above, and subject to the Clauses herein, Guest who is pregnant shall disclose her pregnancy and the stage thereof to the Carrier at the time of reservation of passage. Guest who is in or over twenty-four (24) weeks of her pregnancy shall be prohibited from traveling onboard. All expectant Guests agree to provide the Carrier, on demand, prior to embarkation, with a physician's statement verifying that her gestational status is in accordance with these terms and conditions and certifying her fitness to travel even if she will be less than twenty-four (24) completed weeks pregnant upon disembarkation. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of the Guest's reservation without refund, compensation or payment except as set forth in the Carrier's cancellation policy described in Clause 9, based on the timing of such cancellation.
    4. Children aged 6 months or less at the commencement of the Cruise will be refused permission to board the Vessel and the Carrier shall have no liability whatsoever for any consequences of such refusal. Certain Cruises also have prohibitions on children aged 12 months or less. Guest should check with the Carrier before booking.
    5. If at any time any Guest reasonably appears to the Carrier, the Master, the Vessel's doctor, or any medical staff to be:-
      1. (1) in any way unfit to proceed, a nuisance or likely to cause mischief, or likely to inconvenience, endanger or impair the health, safety or reasonable comfort of any person or persons whether onboard or not, or likely to endanger or impair the safety of the Vessel and/or her fittings, furnishings, machinery, equipment, or any part thereof or any property,
      2. (2) likely to be refused permission to land at the Guest’s port of destination or any port at which the Vessel may call, or
      3. (3) likely to render the Carrier liable for the Guest’s maintenance or support or repatriation, the Carrier, the Master, the Vessel's doctor or the medical staff shall be entitled, regardless of any medical certificate produced, at its and/or his sole discretion, at any place or port and at any time to refuse to embark or transport such Guest, disembark the Guest at any port, transfer the Guest from one berth to another, transfer the Guest by other means of transportation or confine the Guest to a cabin or to the Vessel's clinic or any other part of the Vessel. Guest may not be able to participate in certain activities or programs either aboard the Vessel or onshore at ports of call if to do so would create a risk of harm to any Guest. Neither the Guest nor anyone travelling with the Guest shall be entitled to a claim against the Carrier for any loss or damage suffered as a result of any of the above actions.
    6. Guests, including those mentioned herein, requiring any special or extra accommodation, or special or extra attention in the course of the voyage and not originally provided for, must inform the Carrier or its agents at the time of reservation of passage and will be charged accordingly for the same. Save as aforesaid, the Guest acknowledges and agrees that the Carrier shall have no responsibility or obligation to provide any special accommodation, services or equipment other than the accommodation, services or equipment normally provided to any other Guests.
    7. Guests with special needs are advised that certain international safety requirements and regulations may cause difficulty for mobility-impaired persons or persons with severely impaired sight and/or hearing.
    8. Guests requiring the use of a wheelchair must provide their own junior/adult standard size wheelchair (22 1/2 inches wide), as any wheelchairs available on the Vessel are for emergency use only, and must be accompanied by a traveling companion fit and able to assist them.
    9. The Guest hereby releases the Carrier from any and all liability for any loss of life, injury or damages proximately caused by pregnancy, a pre-existing sickness, disease, injury, infirmity, disability or illness, whether mental, physical or otherwise.
    10. Guest agrees to indemnify and reimburse the Carrier in the event that the Carrier elects to advance the cost of emergency medical care, including medical care provided ashore as well as transportation and/or lodging in connection therewith.
    11. Reasonable expenses of any kind, including fines, penalties, duties or other charges, incurred or paid by the Carrier and attributable to the Guest's failure to observe or comply with any law of any country and/or regulations of the Carrier or any governmental authority, governmental agency or official, port or port official including any local requirements in respect of immigration, border patrol, customs and excise, agriculture, health or any other government regulation whatsoever shall be recoverable by and paid to the Carrier by and from the Guest on demand.
    12. The Guest shall have no right to any refund or any right of action against the Carrier in respect of any loss, costs or expenses sustained or incurred and the Carrier shall have no obligation or liability of any kind whatsoever to the Guest in respect of any action taken by the Carrier in good faith under these terms and conditions.
  4. Upon boarding the Vessel, the Guest must register a valid credit card or other acceptable payment method at the Front Desk to cover any stateroom charges. Guest agrees that if Carrier incurs any expense or sustains any damage as delineated in but not limited to this Clause, that Carrier may charge to Guest's statement room account and/or credit card for any such expenses incurred or damage sustained.
  5. Prior to disembarking the Vessel, the Guest must pay in full all amounts charged to the Guest’s stateroom account.
  6. Each Guest agrees to abide by all rules and follow the directions of the Carrier and its officers at all times and failure to do so may subject the Guest to disembarkation without any liability on the part of the Carrier for a refund or any other related expenses or losses to the Guest or any accompanying Guest whatsoever.
  7. A Guest under 18 years of age (“Minor”) must be accompanied by a Guest 18 years or older (“Accompanying Adult”). The Accompanying Adult expressly agrees to be responsible for the safety, conduct and behavior of the Minor throughout the Cruise; for night Cruise, the Accompanying Adult must occupy either the same stateroom as the Minor or a stateroom connecting with the Minor’s stateroom. The Accompanying Adult’s responsibility includes, but is not limited to, preventing the purchase or consumption of alcohol by the Minor, preventing the engagement in any form of gambling on board the Vessel by the Minor, ensuring compliance with and preventing the violation of any ship rules by the Minor and indemnifying Carrier in respect of all liabilities and amounts payable in respect of the Minor in accordance with this Passage Contract. If the Accompanying Adult is not the parent or legal guardian of the Minor then either a certified copy of the marriage certificate of the Accompanying Adult and Minor or a notarized parental/guardian's consent letter that authorizes the Minor’s travel and medical treatment of the Minor in case of an emergency must be delivered either to the representative at the pier or the Front Desk Officer of the Carrier. Failure to produce such documentation at embarkation may result in boarding being denied with no refund or compensation provided. Guests must be 18 years or older to purchase or consume alcohol or to engage in any form of gambling on the Vessel.
  8. Guest is subject to luggage restrictions made by Carrier (including, but not limited to, those set out in Clause 13 below) and other air and land carriers. Guest is responsible for checking these prior to departure and accepts responsibility for any luggage disallowed or additional charges caused by restrictions including any excess luggage charges.
  9. Guest is not allowed to bring onboard the Vessel any firearms, weapons of any kind, ammunition, explosive substances or any goods of a dangerous nature.
  10. Guest is not allowed to bring onboard the Vessel animals of any kind.
  11. Guests are prohibited from bringing any alcoholic drink, intoxicating liquor or beverage on board the Vessel. All alcohol, wine/champagne and excessive non-alcoholic beverages will be confiscated and discarded without compensation. Alcoholic beverages purchased in the Vessel's gift shops or at a port of call will be retained by Carrier for the duration of the Cruise and returned to Guest upon arrival at the port of disembarkation. Guest shall have no claim for any loss or inconvenience incurred as a result thereof. Carrier reserves the right to refuse to serve alcohol to any passenger. Guests acknowledge that the minimum age permitted for the purchase, possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages aboard the Vessel is eighteen (18). Guest agrees to supervise all Minor under their charge to ensure that they do not violate this or any other shipboard regulations. Guest who attempts to purchase alcohol by using false identification will be deemed in violation of this policy. Guest agrees that Carrier has the right to disembark any Guest who violates this policy as well as any Accompanying Adult travelling with the Minor who violates this policy or any other shipboard regulation.
  12. All fragile, perishable and valuable objects carried onboard shall be carried at the Guest's own risk. Neither the Carrier nor the Vessel shall in any event be under any obligation or liability of any kind whatsoever to the Guest or any other person or persons for loss of or damage to fragile, perishable or valuable objects.
  13. Unless Guest obtains prior written permission from Carrier, Guest shall not solicit anyone on the Vessel, including without limitation other Guests, the Carrier’s employees, personnel or agents during the voyage with respect to any professional, business, or commercial activity, for profit or otherwise. Failure to adhere to this prohibition may result in ejection from the Vessel without liability of the Carrier to refund any portion of the Fare or for any incidental costs whatsoever.
  14. Guest acknowledges that the Vessel contains non-smoking sections. Guest agrees to refrain from smoking in those sections and agrees that Carrier has the right to disembark the Guest for failure to observe Carrier's non-smoking policy.
  15. Illegal activity or behavior by Guests aboard is strictly forbidden. Guest agrees to comply with this policy and acknowledges that it is Carrier's policy to report incidents of illegal activity or behavior to the appropriate law enforcement authorities.
  16. Guest agrees that he will not utilize any tape recording, video, or photograph of himself, any other Guest, crew, or third party on board the Vessel, or depicting the Vessel, its design, equipment, or any part thereof whatsoever, for any commercial purpose or in any media broadcast, or for any other non-private use, without the express written consent of Carrier. Guest acknowledges that by boarding the Vessel, at any time, Guest irrevocably agrees to this provision, which is a condition precedent to being permitted on board the Vessel and can be enforced by any legal means, including but not limited to injunctive relief.
  17. If Guest is denied boarding, confined to a stateroom or disembarked from the Vessel pursuant to any provision of this Passage Contract, Guest agrees:
    1. Carrier will not be liable for any refund of the Fare, other compensation or any damages.
    2. Disembarkation and repatriation to the embarkation port or any other destination will be at Guest's sole expense.
    3. To indemnify Carrier and that Carrier may charge Guest's stateroom account and/or credit card for any and all expenses incurred by Carrier in relation to Guest's disembarkation and/or repatriation.
  18. A Guest shall not have the right to exclusive occupancy of a cabin with two or more berths unless the single person surcharge is paid. If a cancellation results in a Guest becoming the sole occupant of a cabin with two or more berths, the Guest shall be liable to pay the single person surcharge. If a cancellation reduces the number of Guests originally booked in a cabin together, the remaining Guests shall each be liable to pay any increase in the price arising as the result of such reduction.
  19. Guest shall disembark the Vessel at the port of disembarkation or as directed by Carrier. Guest who remains on board the Vessel contrary to Carrier's direction after the end of the Cruise will be evacuated by Carrier. Guest agrees to indemnify Carrier and hold Carrier harmless against any delay, cost, expense, loss or damage incurred by Carrier due to Guest's refusal or failure to disembark the Vessel as per Carrier's direction.
  20. The Carrier recommends that the Guest obtain the Guest’s own insurance protection against loss or damage to luggage and personal effects, trip cancellation and emergency evacuations, accidental death or injury, illness and medical expenses sustained or incurred in connection with the Cruise.
  21. Guest is liable to the Carrier and shall reimburse and fully indemnify the Carrier and hold the Carrier harmless against all or any liabilities, losses, claims, damages, costs, expenses and/or delay, of whatever nature, sustained or incurred by, or made upon, the Carrier whether directly or indirectly, by reason of, in connection with or attributable to any act, omission, negligence of, or breach of duty or breach of or failure to perform or comply with, or negligent performance or compliance with these terms and conditions of the Passage Contract by the Guest or Minor for whom he is responsible.
  22. Guest is encouraged to make reference to travelling warning or outbound travel alert issued by government of the Guest's country or governments of Guest's planned travel destinations before making reservation with the Carrier and embarkation.


  1. Carrier’s responsibility shall never exceed the limitation of liability to which Carrier is entitled under applicable law and this Passage Contract. No undertaking, guarantee or warranty is given or shall be implied as to the seaworthiness, fitness, or condition of the Vessel or of any food, drink, medicine, or provisions supplied onboard the Vessel. In no event shall Carrier be liable for any incident arising outside the Guest areas of the Vessel or the Vessel itself including, but not limited to, those occurring ashore, on tenders not owned by the Vessel, on or resulting from equipment not a part of the Vessel, or upon docks or piers.
  2. While every reasonable care is taken to provide medical attention to the Guests onboard, such medical attention and/or facility found onboard cannot be considered as full medical facilities as found in a general hospital. The medical facilities are provided as an emergency and first aid function only.
  3. Guest acknowledges that in the event of any transportation required for evacuation due to medical reasons, such transportation arrangements are done for and on behalf of the Guest and at the Guest’s own cost and expense. Guest also acknowledges and accepts that the Carrier is at liberty to claim such amount back from the Guest in the event of any payment advanced by the Carrier for such transportation.
  4. Carrier may at any time for any reason whatsoever, without compensation to the Guest, provide accommodation to the Guest different from that already assigned to or provided for the Guest provided that the standard and type of accommodation are essentially the same or better than that (if any) confirmed by Carrier at the time of the reservation was made. If Carrier is unable to offer such alternative accommodation, Guest shall have the right to accept any alternative accommodation offered by Carrier and, if appropriate, reasonable compensation, or terminate the Passage Contract in which event there shall be a refund equivalent to the unused portion of the cruise-only fare, if any, but no further compensation.
    Specific stateroom assignments are not guaranteed. Carrier reserves the right to move Guests to a comparable stateroom for any reason, including but not limited to, instances in which a stateroom is booked with fewer than the maximum number of Guests the stateroom can accommodate; or when a partial Guest cancellation occurs and the remaining number of Guests do not match the maximum number of Guests the stateroom can accommodate.
  5. When the Athens Convention applies, all claims against Carrier shall be brought in accordance with that Convention. In all other cases, the liability of the Carrier shall not exceed:-
    1. in the case of death of or personal injury to a Guest, the sum of US$70,000/- per Guest including medical costs, disability compensation, etc (or whatsoever); and
    2. in the case of loss of or damage to property, the sum of (a) US$300/- per Guest, or (b) US$5/- per kilogram of the item lost or damaged or, (iii) US$75/- per bag or piece of luggage, whichever is lowest.
  6. If the Vessel does not sail on or about the scheduled or advertised date for any reason whatsoever, including fault of Carrier, Carrier shall have liberty to substitute any other Vessel or means of transportation, regardless whether owned or operated by Carrier, and to re-berth Guests thereon or, at Carrier’s option, to refund the passage money paid or a pro rata portion thereof without further liability for damages or losses of any kind whatsoever.
  7. It is agreed that Carrier shall not be held vicariously liable for the intentional or negligent acts of any persons not employed by Carrier nor for any intentional or negligent acts of Carrier's employees committed while off duty or outside the course and scope of their employment.
  8. It is agreed that Carrier shall have no liability for loss, damage or injury to the Guest as a consequence of Guest's use of Vessel's athletic or recreational equipment or as a consequence of Guest's decision to participate in any athletic or recreational activity or event.
  9. Carrier shall not be liable to Guest for damages for emotional distress, mental suffering/anguish or psychological injury of any kind under any circumstances, except when such damage was caused by the wilful neglect or conduct of Carrier or its agent or employees and resulting from the same Guest sustaining actual physical injury, or having been at risk of actual physical injury.
  10. Carrier shall not be liable in respect of consequential loss or damage or in respect of claims for detention, delay or overcarriage however caused, save that in the case of loss to the Guest caused by delay solely attributable to the fault of Carrier, Carrier may reimburse expenses unavoidably incurred up to a maximum of 10% of the Fare paid.
  11. For fly cruises (and if not already confirmed at the time of booking), the Carrier will advise the details of the flight arrangements within a reasonable time after such arrangements are known. Where any of the arrangements have to be changed after such notification, any such change(s) shall not constitute a significant alteration and any liability of the Carrier shall be limited to paying any necessary and reasonable expenses incurred by the Guest directly as a result. For the avoidance of doubt, in no circumstances shall the Carrier be liable for denial of boarding by an airline contracted in relation to fly cruise, such denial being the sole discretion of such airline.


  1. The Guest represents and warrants that the Guest and Minor for whom he is responsible are fit to proceed, are not in any way a nuisance and that the property and conduct of the Guest and Minor will not in any way cause any mischief or inconvenience, endanger or impair the health, safety or reasonable comfort of any person or persons whether onboard or not, or endanger or impair the safety of the Vessel and/or her fittings, furnishings, machinery, equipment, or any part thereof of any property. The Guest shall further defend and indemnify the Carrier and each and all of the agents or servants of the Carrier against all liability whatsoever arising from any personal injury, death or damage or loss whatsoever caused by the breach of this representation.
  2. The Guest, in the interest of international security and safety at sea and in the interest or convenience of the other Guests or any third party acting with governmental authority, agrees and hereby consents to a reasonable search, with or without notice, being made of the Guest's person and property whether physically, by way of screening, scanning or otherwise, and to the sequestration of any property which may, in the opinion of the Carrier, the Master and/or any officer on board the Vessel, be likely in any way to inconvenience, endanger or impair the health, safety or reasonable comfort of any person or persons whether on board or not, or to endanger or impair the safety of the Vessel and/or her fittings, furnishings, machinery, equipment, or any part thereof or any property. Any Guest who refuses any such search or screening or scanning, or any Guest travelling with such items, may be denied boarding or disembarked and no refund of the Fare will be issued.
    The Master or any crew member acting under the authority of the Master shall be entitled to enter the cabin occupied by the Guest at any time for the purposes of searching for controlled or prohibited substances or for the purposes connected with maintenance work, security or safety.


  1. The Carrier may at any time amend the terms and conditions of the Passage Contract without notice to the Guest.
  2. Amendments to reservations are at the sole discretion of the Carrier and the Carrier shall be entitled to impose such administrative charges it deems fit in the event it accedes to any request to amend the reservation.


  1. Non-material Alteration by Carrier
    Cruise provided by Carrier is planned far in advance. Changes to times or itineraries, including changes to times and places of arrival or departure of cruise ships, flights and land based programmes, substitution of cruise ships, aircraft or other transportation or lodging may be made by Carrier for reasons including, but not limited to, operational matters, weather and sea conditions, the safety, comfort or enjoyment of Guests, or reasons beyond the control of Carrier. In case such changes are made, Carrier will endeavour to give notice of such changes at the earliest practical opportunity. Such changes will not amount to material alteration of the Cruise or to this Passage Contract. Guest shall have no claim against the Carrier, and the Carrier shall not be liable (whether for damages or a refund) for hotel or meal charges, travel expenses or other loss, delay, inconvenience, disappointment or expense whatsoever caused in such circumstances, except as provided for in Clauses 5(f) and 11 herein.
  2. Cancellation and Material Alteration by Carrier
    Carrier may, without prior notice, at any time prior to departure cancel or materially alter the Cruise in circumstances which do not amount to Force Majeure Events as described in the Clause 10 including, but not limited to, unavailability of the Vessel, whether through charter out or owing to over booking of cabins, or otherwise. In this case Carrier will inform Guest as soon as is reasonably practical and offer Guest an alternative Cruise and/or if appropriate, reasonable compensation. Guest may elect either to accept any such alternative or to cancel and receive a refund of all sums paid to Carrier. Guest recognizes and agrees that it will not normally be possible for the Carrier to offer an appropriate substitute Cruise which is available at about the same time as and/or with a similar itinerary to that originally booked, but the Carrier will do its best to provide a suitable alternative cruise of similar duration and value. If Guest elects to cancel the Passage Contract, a written cancellation notice must be sent to the Carrier within 14 days of being advised of the itinerary change. No further compensation shall be payable.
  3. Interruption or Material Alteration during Cruise
    Subject to the above provisions of this Clause 8, if the Cruise is interrupted or significantly altered in circumstances which do not amount to Force Majeure Events, Carrier will make suitable alternative arrangements for its continuation. If it is not possible to make such alternative arrangements or Guest does not accept the alternative arrangements for good reason, Carrier will provide Guest with transport back to the place of departure, or such other place as Guest may reasonably wish and Carrier will make a pro rata refund to Guest based upon the number of whole days, if any, by which the scheduled duration of the Cruise is shortened by more than twenty-four (24) hours. No further compensation shall be payable.


In case of cancellation by the Guest after a reservation has been made, Guest may cancel by telephone or electronic advice via a Carrier approved computer reservation system, provided that written notice of the cancellation must immediately be given to and received by Carrier. Upon cancellation of any reservation by the Guest, or by Carrier for non-payment or late payment of Fare, written confirmation will be sent to Guest and a cancellation charge will be payable to Carrier. Please visit the Carrier’s website at for the cancellation policy issued by the Carrier from time to time.

All airline tickets are the property of the Carrier and must be returned to and are refundable only to the Carrier, if applicable. Where available, Guests are encouraged to purchase Carrier Voyage Insurance (“the Insurance Plan”) that provides for travel cancellation under predetermined conditions, in order to be afforded adequate recourse in case of such cancellation. Refunds and/or credits available under the Insurance Plan are subject strictly to the terms and conditions of the Insurance Plan. If Guests have purchased any Insurance Plan, Guests must notify the Carrier and the Insurers of any cancellation as soon as possible. Where no Insurance Plan is purchased, Guests are not entitled to any refund except as otherwise provided in this paragraph. Any refund will be made directly to Guest’s credit card account or Guest’s travel agent and Guest shall receive refund directly from these sources.

If for any reason, whether or not due to causes beyond the Guest's control, the Passage Contract is not used by the Guest for the Cruise on the date and Vessel indicated or any substitute Vessel, or the Guest joins or leaves the Cruise while in progress so that the Passage Contract is used for only part of the stipulated Cruise, no right to any refund exists unless otherwise provided herein and the Carrier shall have no obligation or liability for such nonuse or partial use by the Guest.


Without derogating from or in any way depriving the Carrier or the Vessel of the benefits of any exemptions, exclusions or limitations contained in this Passage Contract, the Carrier and the Vessel shall not be liable for any loss and damages (whether economic, consequential or otherwise), detention whatsoever of or to any person, Guest or property or for inability to perform the Passage Contract or any part thereof caused by or arising out of or attributable to any:-

  1. acts of God, including but not limited to adverse weather conditions, perils of the sea, rivers, canals, lakes or other waters, perils of navigation of any kind, lack of passageway in canals, tides, earthquakes, storm, typhoon lightning, tempest or flood, ice,
  2. strikes on board or ashore, lockout, stoppages, or restraint of trade or labour, desertion or revolt of crew, barratry, industrial actions or labour difficulties, disturbance or conflicts, or shortages from whatever cause, whether partial or general and whether or not the Carrier be party thereto,
  3. any viral outbreak, pandemics, inclement weather, epidemics (including but not to be limited to SARS or SARS’ like events or Norwalk type diseases or COVID-19 or variants thereof);
  4. nuclear explosion, radioactive or ionizing radiation;
  5. explosion, fire, collision, stranding, grounding or foundering of the Vessel or breakdown or failure of or damage to the Vessel or her hull, fittings, furnishings, machinery or equipment howsoever and wheresoever any of the same may arise or be caused,
  6. civil commotion, riot, unrest, insurrection, war, civil war, hostilities, blockage, restraint of Prince, Rulers or People, government restraint or requisition, political disturbance, rebellion, revolution, extortion, insurrection, civil strife, military or usurped power, invasion, act of foreign enemies, acts or threats of terrorism, acts of public enemies, piracy, hijacking, bombing, sabotage or criminal damage, seizure under legal process or arrest,
  7. acts, restrictions, regulations, bylaws, refusal to grant any licenses or permissions, prohibitions or measures of any kind on the part of any governmental authority or inability to secure or failure of supplies including fuel,
  8. mechanical breakdown, accident to, failure or irregular functioning of or damage to any electrical or electronic hardware, equipment, machinery, components or computers including programmes or software employed by the Carrier, their servants or agents, whether directly or indirectly, port closing, congestion, docking or anchoring difficulties, theft,
  9. import or export regulations or embargoes,
  10. quarantine restrictions or lockdowns (whether full or partial),
  11. liability to wastage in bulk, or in weight, latent defect or inherent defect (even if existing at embarkation or commencement of Cruise, quality or vice or natural deterioration of the Vessel or property,
  12. Guest's acts, neglect or default, or breach of or failure to comply with any provision of these terms and conditions,
  13. insufficient or improper packing or labeling or addressing of the property,
  14. handling, loading, stowage or unloading of the property by the Guest, or any person acting on his behalf,
  15. circumstances which the Carrier or the Vessel could not avoid and the consequences of which it was unable to prevent by the exercise of reasonable diligence (collectively the "Force Majeure Events").
  16. The Guest admits and acknowledges that travel by ocean-going Vessel occasionally presents risk and circumstance that may beyond the ability of the Carrier to reasonably control or mitigate. The Guest assumes the risk of and releases Carrier from liability for any injury, loss or damage whatsoever arising from, caused by or in the judgment of the Carrier or Master rendered necessary or advisable by reason of any of the Force Majeure Events or from losses of any kind beyond the Carrier’s control. Under any such circumstances the Cruise may be altered, shortened, lengthened, or cancelled in whole or part without liability to the Carrier for a refund or otherwise.

    Carrier, in its sole discretion, shall have full liberty to proceed, to leave and enter ports with or without pilots or tugs; to deviate from the advertised route or direct or customary course; to put in at any unscheduled or unadvertised port; to cancel any scheduled call at any port; to tow and assist other vessels and to render assistance to save life and/or property; to omit, advance or delay landing at any scheduled or advertised port; to put back to port of embarkation or to any port previously visited; to substitute another Vessel or ports of call, with or without prior notice, at any time before, during or after sailing of the Vessel for any reason or purpose whatsoever which in the judgment of the Master/Carrier (whether alone or acing on advice from others) is reasonable, including, without limitation, any of the Force Majeure Events, medical condition of anyone on board, safety, security, comfort or convenience of Guests, emergency debarkations of Guests or crew, or late air, sea, car or motor coach departures or arrivals, governmental advisories or travel warnings. All such deviations shall be considered as forming part of and included in the proposed Cruise and shall not represent a material alteration of the Cruise. The Carrier shall have no liability to the Guest for any loss, damage or delay whatsoever, whether consequential or otherwise in such circumstances.

    Carrier and the Master shall have the absolute right, without liability for compensation to the Guest of any kind, to comply with orders, recommendations or directions given by any government or department of any nation or by any person acting or purporting to act with the authority of such government or department or by any committee or person having under the terms of the War Risks Insurance on the Vessel the right to give such orders, recommendations or directions, including but not limited to those pertaining to health, security, immigration, customs or safety. If by reason of, and in compliance with such orders, recommendations or directions anything is done or is not done the same shall not be deemed a deviation or a breach of this Passage Contract. Disembarkation of any Guest or discharge of luggage in accordance with such orders, recommendations or directions shall constitute due and proper fulfillment of the obligations of the Carrier under this Passage Contract.

    In the case of quarantine of the Vessel involving detention of the Guest, each Guest must bear all risks, losses and expenses caused thereby and will be charged for food, accommodation and maintenance during the period of detention, payable day-by-day, if maintained onboard the Vessel for such period of quarantine and for all other quarantine fees and expenses assessed or incurred in respect of the Guest. Guest assumes all risks and losses occasioned by delay or detention howsoever arising. Costs connected with embarkation or debarkation of Guests and/or luggage and costs of transfer between Vessel and shore as a result of the circumstances enumerated in this paragraph must be borne by the Guest.

    If the performance of the proposed voyage is hindered or prevented (or in the opinion of Carrier or the Master is likely to be hindered or prevented) by the Force Majeure Events, or if Carrier or Master considers that for any reason whatsoever, proceeding to, attempting to enter, or entering or remaining at the Guest's destination may expose the Vessel to risk or loss or damage or be likely to delay her, the Guest and his luggage may be landed at the port of embarkation or at any port or place at which the Vessel may call, at which time the responsibly of Carrier shall cease and this Passage Contract shall be deemed to have been fully performed, or if the Guest has not embarked, Carrier may cancel the proposed voyage without liability to refund Fare paid in advance.


The Carrier may, for any reason whatsoever, change the scheduled port of embarkation, omit or change any scheduled call at any intermediate port or omit or change the scheduled port of disembarkation or change the scheduled times of departure or arrival or scheduled duration of the passage, whether before or after the sailing of the Vessel, without previous notice to the Guest and the Guest shall have no right to any refund or any right of action against the Carrier and the Carrier shall have no obligation or liability whatsoever and whether for delay or otherwise in respect thereof to the Guest except as follows:

  1. If the scheduled date and hour of sailing is delayed by more than 24 hours and Guest is not accommodated onboard the Vessel, then the Carrier may, at its sole discretion, arrange, at no additional expense to the Guest, reasonable accommodation and food for the Guest for the duration of the delay.
  2. If the scheduled port of embarkation is changed then the Carrier may, at its sole discretion, arrange, at no additional expense to the Guest, substitute means of transportation (by sea, air or land to be determined by the Carrier) from the original port of embarkation to the rescheduled port of embarkation, or if such substitute transportation is not available, the Carrier will refund the Fare paid by the Guest.
  3. If the scheduled port of disembarkation is changed then the Carrier may, at its sole discretion, arrange, at no extra expense to the Guest, substitute means of transportation (by sea, air or land to be determined by the Carrier) to the point of disembarkation from the nearest port at which the Vessel calls or if such substitute transportation is not available, the Carrier will refund to the Guest an amount equivalent to the cost of substitute transportation provided always such amount shall not exceed the Fare paid by the Guest.
  4. If the scheduled duration of the Cruise is shortened, whether by reason of an omission or change in the Vessel's scheduled call at any intermediate port or ports, or otherwise, then the Carrier's sole liability in respect thereof is to make a pro rata refund of the Fare to the Guest based upon the number of whole days the Cruise is reduced provided that the scheduled duration of the Cruise is shortened by more than 24 hours.
  5. If for any reason whatsoever the scheduled duration of the Cruise is lengthened, the Carrier shall have no liability whatsoever in respect thereof to the Passenger for the extended period and the Passenger shall not be entitled to any payment or compensation for the delay.
    Provided any delay, change or omission aforesaid is not caused by or in any way attributable to any breach by the Guest of the terms and conditions herein and/or any act, neglect or default on the part of the Guest and/or is not due to any Force Majeure Events. If the change of itinerary is due to a technical problem with the cruise ship or any other matter not outside the control of the Carrier and which causes any loss of a scheduled port of call, the Carrier will refund an appropriate part of the Fare paid by Guest.


It is hereby expressly agreed that no servant or agent of the Carrier (including every independent or sub-contractor whose services are from time to time utilized by and for the purposes of the Carrier) shall in any circumstances whatsoever be under any liability whatsoever to the Guest for any loss, damage or delay of whatsoever kind exceeding that of Carrier while acting in the course of or in connection with their employment or agency. Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing provisions of this Clause, every exemption, limitation, condition and liberty herein contained and every right, exemption from liability, defence and immunity of whatsoever nature applicable to the Carrier or to which the Carrier is entitled hereunder shall also be available and shall extend to protect every such servant or agent of the Carrier (including such contractors as aforesaid) acting as aforesaid and for the purpose of all the foregoing provisions of this Clause, the Carrier is or shall be deemed to be acting as agent or trustee on behalf of and for the benefit of all persons who are or might be the Carrier's servants or agents from time to time (including such contractors as aforesaid) and all such persons shall to this extent be or be deemed to be parties to the Passage Contract.


  1. Whenever the term "luggage" is used herein, it shall mean only baggage, suitcases, valises, satchels, bags, hangers or bundles and their contents consisting of such clothing, clothing accessories, toilet articles and similar personal effects, including all other personal property of the Guest not in a container. No tools of trade, household goods, liquors, fragile or valuable items, bullion, jewelry, precious stones, negotiable instruments, documents, or other valuables of any description or such articles as are specified in the applicable law shall be brought upon the Vessel by Guest or contained in Guest’s luggage, except under and subject to the terms of a special written contract entered into with the Carrier before embarkation upon application of the Guest. The Guest hereby warrants that no such articles have been carried on the Vessel or are contained in any receptacle or container presented by him to the Carrier as luggage. Carrier shall not be liable for any loss of or damage to any of the above listed items, or perishable items, dentures, optical devices (including contact lenses), medications, cameras, recreational and/or sporting equipment, cash, securities or other negotiable instruments under any circumstances whatsoever, whether carried within the Guest’s luggage or otherwise.
  2. Each Guest is entitled to bring onboard the Vessel a maximum of two (2) pieces of luggage not exceeding twenty five (25) kilogram each which must fit comfortably into the Guest's cabin. However, subject to the Carrier's prior consent in writing, the Guest may bring onboard additional luggage, which shall be subject to an excess luggage charge based on the current applicable rates to be paid by the Guest to the Carrier.
  3. Luggage of any variety, including excess luggage, must contain only personal effects of the Guest and no Property of others shall be carried onboard the Vessel.
  4. The Guest must not carry as luggage, or bring onboard the Vessel, weapons, firearms, ammunition, explosives, incendiary devices or inflammable or other dangerous, harmful, hazardous or noxious article or substance of any kind. Each Guest warrants that no such articles are contained in any receptacle or other container carried or presented as luggage. Any such items or noxious substance in Guest's possession on embarkation shall immediately be surrendered to an appropriate member of the Carrier which reserves the right to confiscate, destroy and/or turn over to authorities these or any other items it deems in its sole discretion to be detrimental to the safety or comfort of any person or which are otherwise improperly in the possession of any Guest. The Guest shall be liable to and reimburse Carrier or Master for all fines or penalties imposed by the applicable law and for all damages and losses sustained by the Carrier, the Vessel, or any person or property or otherwise by reason or in consequence of any such goods or articles being brought or carried on board the Vessel by the Guest.
  5. The Guest is not permitted to bring on board the Vessel live animals of any kind.
  6. The Carrier or Master or any officer of the Vessel may at its or his sole discretion move any property from one part of the Vessel to another part of the Vessel or altogether remove from the Vessel, dispose of or destroy such property, for whatever reason at any time or place without any liability of any kind whatsoever to the Guest responsible for bringing such property on board or any person in whose possession or custody it is or its owner.
  7. Each piece of luggage must be securely packed and distinctly labeled with the Guest's full name, home address, name of Vessel, date of sailing and destination and if the Guest fails to do so, the Carrier and/or the Vessel shall not be liable for any loss of or damage to or delay in delivery of the property whatsoever and howsoever arising.
  8. Property not claimed upon arrival of the Vessel will be stored at the risk and expense of the Guest and/or owner of the property and if not collected within 30 days of the Vessel's arrival, may be disposed of by the Carrier in any manner whatsoever it deems fit without any liability to or compensation to the Guest and/or the owner of the property and/or any other person.
  9. The Guest shall not be liable in respect of luggage or personal effects or property to pay or be entitled to receive any general average contribution.
  10. The Carrier, the Vessel and/or the Master shall have a lien upon any luggage, money and other property belonging to any Guest or in his possession whether the property is carried in the Vessel upon which the Guest is traveling or in any other vessel owned by or on charter to the Carrier, in satisfaction of any sums, monies, expenses, charges or damages whatsoever which are or may in any way have become due whether under the Passage Contract or any other contract or otherwise by the Guest to the Carrier, or to its servants, agents or representative including any expenses and costs incurred in exercising such lien and a right to sell the property by auction or otherwise, without notice to the Guest, and to apply the proceeds of the sale towards all amounts due from the Guest to the Carrier and costs and expenses of enforcing such lien and in relation to the storage and sale of such luggage and property. Upon accounting to the Guest for the balance remaining, if any, the Carrier, the Vessel and/or the Master shall be discharged from all liability whatsoever in respect of the property.
  11. All valuables must be kept in the safe designated by the Carrier from time to time.
  12. All disclaimers and limitations of liability contained herein shall apply to all valuables stored or accepted for storage by Carrier, including valuables stored with the Carrier in safety deposit boxes or security envelopes. Carrier shall not accept responsibility for and in no event shall be liable for loss or damage of valuables or other articles left in cabins, and in no event shall Carrier be liable for loss or damage to property of any kind not shown by the Guest to have occurred while in the Carrier’s actual custody, or for ordinary wear and tear or normal usage.
  13. Loss of or damage to luggage during loading or disembarking must be reported by the Guest to Carrier’s personnel prior to debarking the Customs in the related area; Carrier shall not be responsible for any such loss or damage which is not so reported. Liability, if any, for loss or damage to luggage occurring elsewhere than onboard the Vessel in connection with air, car, motor coach, ground transfers, porters, stevedores and/or hotels shall rest solely with the person or entity providing such services and Guest agrees that Carrier does not guarantee the performance of such services and shall not be liable in any respect or capacity for any such loss or damage.
  14. Carrier has an absolute right to transfer Guest and/or his luggage to other carriers, whether by water, rail or air, to or toward the ultimate destination. In the event such substituted passage is for the convenience of the Carrier, it shall be at Carrier’s cost. Otherwise, it shall be at the cost of Guest.
  15. During any transfer of luggage, including upon departure from any hotel or airport, arrival at any new destination or upon change of vehicle or means of transport, responsibility for identifying luggage belonging to the Guest and ensuring that it is dealt with as may be appropriate for delivery to the next destination lies with the Guest.
  16. Any luggage or property left on a Vessel at final destination shall be stored and repatriated at the Guest's expense.


Guest acknowledges that all shore excursions/tour (whether conducted in the water, on land or by air), pre and post cruise airline flights and ground transportation, as well as certain on board concessions (including but not limited to shops) are operated by independent contractors.

In making any arrangements for the transportation of any Guest or his or her luggage by any other carrier, connecting carrier or otherwise; or for shore accommodations, excursions, amusement or entertainment for any Guest; or for any health, medical or other personal service or facility whatsoever for any Guest provided by independent contractors; or if the Vessel requests emergency medical transportation or emergency medical care for the Guest on his behalf; it is understood and agreed that Carrier does so solely for the convenience and benefit of the Guest. Carrier does not act on behalf of or supervise or control the independent contractors who own, furnish or operate such services or facilities nor makes any representation either express or implied as to their suitability. Such services or facilities are provided by the independent contractors who work directly for the Guest and are subject to such terms, if any, appearing in the tickets, vouchers or notices of such party or parties. Such independent contractors, in dealing with the Guest, work directly for Guest, and are not and shall not be considered in any respect whatsoever as employees, servants or agents of the Carrier and have no authority to act on behalf of Carrier. Each such person, party or entity shall be entitled to make a proper charge for any service performed for or on behalf of the Guest and the cost of such service shall be the sole responsibility of the Guest. Guest hereby agrees to reimburse and indemnify Carrier for any funds advanced on account of any such charges. Guest further acknowledges that although the independent contractors or their employees may use signage or clothing which contains the name of Carrier or other related trade names or logos, the independent contractor status remain unchanged.

The Guest accepts and uses the services and products of all independent contractors at the Guest's own risk and expense without liability or responsibility of the Carrier. Carrier assumes no responsibility nor guarantees the performance of any such person, party, contractor, service or facility, or those under their orders or assisting them with respect to any diagnosis, medication, treatment, advice, services or care of any kind given to any Guest. The Guest shall have no right to any refund by the Carrier in respect of and Carrier shall not be liable for the act, neglect, default or omission of any independent contractors.


Any matter which gives rise to a problem, complaint or claim, or might do so, must be notified to the Carrier at the earliest possible opportunity. If the matter cannot be rectified immediately, Carrier must be notified in writing as soon as possible. Failure to give such notice of a problem, complaint or claim may mean that the matter cannot be properly investigated or rectified, and this may affect the Guest's rights.

  1. Any claim for injury or loss of life of the Guest shall be notified to the Carrier in writing with full particulars within thirty (30) days from the date when the loss of life or injury giving rise to the claim occurred.
  2. Any claim for loss of or damage to property shall be notified to the Carrier in writing as soon as the loss of or damage to property is discovered together with particulars of all insurance cover.
  3. All luggage shall be presumed undamaged during carriage or storage by Carrier and the disembarkation of Guest or acceptance of re-delivery shall be prima-facie evidence of the delivery by the Carrier of the property in good order and condition and in the same quantity as when received. The Carrier and/or Vessel shall be under no liability whatsoever for any loss of or damage to the luggage/property of Guest unless written notice of loss of or damage to the same is given:-
    1. in the case of apparent damage, before or at the time of, or
    2. in the case of damage which is not apparent or of loss, within fifteen (15) days from the date of disembarkation of the Guest claiming such loss or damage, or re-delivery of the property, or when re-delivery should have taken place, whichever is later.
  4. Any claim for which there is no notice provision in these terms and conditions shall be notified to the Carrier in writing within thirty (30) days from the date of disembarkation of the Guest making the claim or from the date when disembarkation should have taken place, whichever is later or in case of property, the date of re-delivery of the property or the date when redelivery should have taken place, whichever is later.
  5. When the Guest reports any loss of life or injury or loss of or damage to property, the Carrier shall be given the earliest opportunity of inspection to ascertain the cause of the loss of life or injury or the cause, nature and extent of the loss of or damage to property.
  6. Written notice shall be given to the Carrier under this Clause.


  1. Any action for damages arising out of the death of or personal injury to a Guest or for the loss of or damage to property shall be time barred and the Carrier and the Vessel shall be discharged from all liability whatsoever if proceedings are not brought within a period of two (2) years, such period being calculated as follows:
    1. in the case of personal injury, from the date when such personal injury occurred or of disembarkation of the Passenger, whichever is earlier;
    2. in the case of death of a Guest occurring-
      1. before or at the time of disembarkation, from the date when the Guest should have disembarked, or
      2. after disembarkation resulting from personal injury occurring during carriage, from the date of death, provided that this period shall not exceed two (2) years from the date of disembarkation;
    3. in the case of loss of or damage to property, from the date of disembarkation of the Guest to whom the property belongs or in whose custody, possession or control of the property is or by, with or for whom the property was carried or brought aboard the Vessel, or from the date when disembarkation should have taken place, whichever is later;
  2. Any action or claim for which there is no time bar provision in these terms and conditions shall be time barred and the Carrier and the Vessel discharged from all liability whatsoever, after a period of two (2) years from the date of disembarkation of the Guest or from the date when disembarkation should have taken place, whichever is later or in case of property, the date of re-delivery of the property or the date when redelivery should have taken place, whichever is later;
  3. The law of the court seized of the case shall govern the grounds of suspension and interruption of limitation periods, but in no case shall an action or claim under any Passage Contract or these terms and conditions, whether the action or claim be brought in contract or in tort, be brought after the expiration of a period of three (3) years from the date of disembarkation of the Guest or from the date when disembarkation should have taken place, whichever is later or in case of property, the date of re-delivery of the property or the date when re-delivery should have taken place, whichever is later;
  4. Notwithstanding the provisions in paragraphs a, b and c of this Clause, the period of limitation may be extended by a written declaration of the Carrier or by written agreement of the parties after the cause of action has arisen but before the expiry of the initial period of limitation. Carrier may at its sole discretion, but is not obliged to, grant or agree to such extension of the period of limitation.


The Guest agrees and consents that the Carrier and/or its promotional partners shall have the exclusive right to use and/or include any photographic, video, audio and other visual portrayals of the Guests in any pictorial medium of any nature whatsoever for the purposes of trade, advertising, sales, publicity commercially or otherwise without any liability or compensation whatsoever to the Guest and all rights, title and interest (including all worldwide copyrights) therein shall belong to the Carrier absolutely, free from any claim by the Guest or any person deriving any rights or interest from the Guest.


This Passage Contract applies to claims, actions and litigation of any kind (including but not limited to exceptional physical injury, illness or death) whether in "personam" against the Carrier or "in rem" against the Vessel or any Vessel in the same or associated ownership or management and whether founded in contract or in tort.

Even if the applicable law provides otherwise, Guest agrees that any claim or cause of action brought forth against Carrier shall be litigated solely in a personal capacity and not as a member of any class action or as part of a class action or in any other representative capacity. Guest agrees to waive any law entitling Guest to participate in a class action.


  1. Where the Guest books or reserves the Cruise, or otherwise deals with the Carrier, through a sales agent, travel agent, tour operator or other intermediary (hereinafter referred to as a "Travel Agent") the Guest agrees and acknowledges that:-
    1. the Travel Agent acts solely as the Guest's agent and not the Carrier's and is fully authorised to act for and on his behalf in making any arrangement for the Cruise and any related travel, lodging and tours or in any matter whatsoever including but not limited to entering into a Passage Contract with the Carrier, collecting any ticket issued by the Carrier, making, amending or canceling any reservation, signing any document whatsoever, and paying and receiving any funds.
    2. all the terms and conditions herein shall form part of any passage contract concluded by the Travel Agent, for and on his behalf,
    3. the Carrier shall not be liable for any act, neglect or default of the Travel Agent,
    4. the Carrier shall not be liable to refund any monies paid by the Guest to the Travel Agent for onward transmission to the Carrier or other purposes which the Travel Agent failed to do, or to re-issue a ticket which has already been issued and delivered to the Travel Agent. Any refund made by the Carrier to the Travel Agent on behalf of the Guest shall be deemed payment to the Guest, regardless whether the monies are delivered by the Travel Agent to the Guest, and
    5. the Carrier is not responsible for any representation or conduct of the Travel Agent, including, but not limited to, any failure to remit Guests’ deposit or other funds to the Carrier, for which Guests shall at all times remain liable to the Carrier, or any failure to remit a refund from Carrier to Guests, or any failure to comply with any regulations set out by the relevant authorities, including but not limited to visa requirements. In the event the Travel Agent shall fail to remit to the Carrier any monies paid to it by the Guest for whatsoever reason, the Guest shall be and remain liable for the Fare due to the Carrier, regardless of whether the liability is asserted before or after embarkation. Issuance and validity of this Passage Contract is conditional upon final payment being received by the Carrier prior to sailing.
    6. Receipt of this Passage Contract, ticket (sometimes in the form of booking confirmation) or any other documentation or notification pertaining to the Cruise by the Travel Agent shall constitute receipt by the Guest.
  2. Any Travel Agent or party dealing with the Carrier purportedly for and on behalf of another Guest or party (hereinafter referred to as the "Guest's Agent") hereby warrants and represents having the full and necessary authority to act for and on behalf of that other Guest or party in case any Passage Contract is concluded, has given full notice of all terms and conditions herein to that other Guest or other party prior to the conclusion of the Passage Contract and that other Guest or party hereby warrants, represents and acknowledges that the Guest's Agent is fully authorised to act for and on behalf of the other Guest or other party in any matter whatsoever including but not limited to entering into a Passage Contract with the Carrier, collecting any tickets issued by the Carrier, making, amending or cancelling any reservation, signing any document whatsoever and paying and receiving any funds, and that all the terms and conditions herein shall form part of any Passage Contract concluded by the Guest's Agent for and on behalf of the other Guest or other party.
  3. The Guest's Agent hereby agrees to reimburse and fully indemnify the Carrier and hold the Carrier harmless against all or any losses, claims, damages, costs, expenses and/or delay, of whatever nature sustained or incurred by, or made upon, the Carrier, whether directly or indirectly, by reason of, in connection with or attributable to any breach by the Guest's Agent of any of the warranties or matters provided in the Passage Contract.
  4. Without prejudice to Clauses pertaining to luggage losses mentioned herein, if any property is not the Guest's own unencumbered property, the Guest shall be deemed for the purposes of these terms and conditions and the Passage Contract to be the agent of the owner of or other party interested in such property and warrants that he has the authority of all owners of and parties interested in such property to enter into the Passage Contract and bind them as well as the Guest by these terms and conditions. The Guest shall reimburse and fully indemnify the Carrier and hold the Carrier harmless against all or any losses, claims, damages, costs, expenses and/or delay, of whatever nature sustained or incurred by, or made upon, the Carrier, whether directly or indirectly, by reason of, in connection with or attributable to any want of authority of the Guest to enter into this Passage contract on behalf of the owner of or party having an interest in the property.
  5. 20. NOTICE

    Any notices or other communication required to be given under the terms and conditions of this Passage Contract shall be deemed served to the other party if handed over by hand, sent by ordinary post or courier or by facsimile to the Carrier at 320 Serangoon Road #15-09 Singapore 218108


    This Passage Contract shall be interpreted, construed and governed by the laws of Singapore and the Guest irrevocably submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Singapore Courts in relation to all claims by the Guest against the Carrier, whether under this Passage Contract or otherwise.


    A person who is not a party to this Passage Contract has no right to enforce any term of this Passage Contract, whether under Singapore’s Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 2001 or otherwise.

    23. LANGUAGE

    This Passage Contract is drawn up in the English language. The Passage Contract may be translated into any other language than English provided however that the English language text shall in any event prevail.




  1. 引言及釋義
  2. 納入及應用經1976年11月19日公約議定書修訂的《海上乘客及其行李運輸雅典公約(1974年)》(「雅典公約」
  3. 航程合約及航程船費
  4. 賓客的義務
  5. 承運人的義務及限制
  6. 安全及保安
  7. 條款及預約修訂
  8. 承運人的取消或修改
  9. 賓客的取消
  10. 不可抗力
  11. 延遲、略過或更改港口
  12. 限制法律責任的利益
  13. 行李、貴重物品及其他財
  14. 獨立承包商、並非在船隻上發生的事故、旅行團等
  15. 申索通知
  16. 訴訟時限
  17. 使用肖像
  18. 航程合約適用於申索、法律行動或任何類別的訴
  19. 代理商及保證
  20. 已安裝的閉路電視系
  21. 通知
  22. 選擇法律 / 司法管轄權條款
  23. 第三方權利
  24. 語言



  1. 就本航程合約而言,「承運人」一詞指RW Cruises Pte Ltd、其直接及間接控股公司、附屬公司、聯屬公司、被指派人、受讓人或繼任人、指名船隻、任何替代船隻,以及其擁有人、營運商、僱員、代理商、承租人、補給船、汽艇及相關設施。本文所載的承運人的所有權利、抗辯、寬免及法律責任限制亦有利於承運人的所有特約承包商、設施、獨立承包商或其他服務供應商(不論在海上或岸上),包括但不限於岸上短暫停留或旅行團營辦商、零售店人員;任何聯屬或關連公司、母公司、附屬公司、繼任人、受讓人或虛構名稱的實體;所有供應商、造船商、零部件製造商;及其擁有人、營運商、管理公司、承租人、代理商、領港員、高級人員、船員、受僱人及僱員,他們對賓客概無任何高於承運人或有別於承運人的法律責任(不論在合約法上或在侵權法上)。
  2. 「航行」一詞指船隻上的所有水上交通,以及承運人同意根據本航程合約向賓客提供船隻由登船港口到最終目的地港口的補給船,並包括在登船港口即最終目的地港口的「無目的地」航行。
  3. 「賓客」一詞包括但不限於按相關文件所示日期及船隻預約或購買航行或為其預約或購買航行、接受或使用本航程合約的任何人士或實體,包括由賓客照顧的其他人士、任何同行的未成年人士,以及賓客的任何子嗣、親屬、繼任人、受讓人或代表,不論由賓客或其代表簽署。於本航程合約中,「賓客」一詞與「乘客」擁有相同涵義。
  4. 「船費」一詞指就航行支付的金額,當中僅包括本文列明的交通、全食宿及航行期間的一般船上膳食,但不包括小費、烈酒、葡萄酒、啤酒、軟性飲料、蘇打或礦泉水、岸上短暫停留、髮廊及水療服務,或任何其他附帶或個人服務費用或開支。船費不包括政府稅項及/或任何政府或半政府部門徵收或施加的費用、收費、使用費及稅項,包括但不限於海關費用、人頭稅、船塢使用費、碼頭費、檢驗費、領港費、飛機稅、因陸上旅行團招致的酒店稅或增值稅、入境及入籍費、海港維護費及稅務局費用、港口/碼頭收費及賓客手續費(不論是否按每名乘客、每個卧鋪、每噸或每艘船隻基準評定)。如按每噸或每艘船隻評定,評定將按照郵輪的載客量攤分。該等開支、收費、費用、成本或稅項(視乎情況而定)將由賓客應要求按當時費率全數在船費以外支付。在下文第3條規限下,政府費用及稅項或會變動,而即使船費已全數支付,承運人保留權利收取出航時有效的任何增幅。
  5. 「船隻」一詞指承運人僱用、租用、操作、提供及/或租賃的一艘或以上船隻,以全部或部分履行本航程合約及/或任何替代船隻。
  6. 「航程合約」一詞指賓客或其代表提供的預約資料、承運人接納預約,以及本文所載的條款及條件,連同承運人的正式授權代表書面協議及簽署的任何修訂,而任何該等修訂將於承運人作出或刊發後即時具法律效力及生效。本航程合約將構成承運人與賓客之間的完整協議,並取代承運人的廣告、通知、小冊子或其他宣傳品所載的所有其他協議、聲明或條件,以及任何人士就航行向賓客或代表賓客的任何人士作出或聲稱已作出的所有承諾及協議(不論口頭或書面)。
  7. 「船長」一詞指船隻的船長或在其授權下行事的任何人士。
  8. 「船票」一詞指承運人或其獲授權代理商代表承運人發出的船票,並包括所有列印條款、條件及通知
  9. 除下文第15、16、18及22條所規定者外,倘本航程合約的任何條文憑藉本航程合約尋求執行的司法管轄區的法律無法強制執行、違反本航程合約或無效,或被具有司法管轄權的法院裁定無法強制執行、違反本航程合約或無效,則該(等)條文須被視為與航程合約分割及無效,而本文的所有餘下條文將具十足效力及作用,並構成運輸合約。


  1. 承運人及參與就航行提供服務的任何其他人士的法律責任可能受到國際公約限制,包括有關海上、空中及鐵路乘客及其行李運輸的公約。承運人將有權就其法律責任或賓客針對承運人可追討的損害賠償的任何限制享有法律允許的最高保障。
  2. 承運人有關航行中賓客身故或受傷或行李遺失或損壞(不論何處及何時發生)的法律責任,除非有法律效力,否則在任何情況下均不得超逾《海上乘客及其行李運輸雅典公約(1974年)》以及該公約的1976年議定書(統稱為「雅典公約」)項下規定的法律責任限制。雅典公約將納入作為航程合約的一部分,而不論承運人是否國際運輸公司。在並無廢除或以任何方式剥奪承運人或船隻航程合約第5、10、12、15及16條的條文所載於並非在任何美國港口登船、離船或停靠的航行的任何豁免、免除或限制的利益下,承運人及/或船隻將在法律允許的程度下,有權享有其根據雅典公約適用的任何及所有法律責任限制及寬免及權利,其相關條款及條文包括(其中包括):
    1. 第5條,據此,承運人無須對金錢、可轉讓證券、黃金、白銀、銀器、珠寶、飾物、藝術品或其他貴重物品的遺失或損壞承擔法律責任,但如該等貴重物品是經協議交予承運人保管,則承運人須承擔的法律責任以雅典公約第8條規定的限額為限,除非根據第10條第1段協議較高的限額,則作別論;
    2. 第7條,據此,承運人就乘客人身傷亡所承擔的法律責任在任何情況均不得超過每次運輸46,666新加坡元;
    3. 第8條,據此,承運人就寄艙行李遺失或損毀須承擔的法律責任無論如何不得超過每名乘客每次運輸833新加坡元,如屬車輛(包括車輛內或車輛上的所有行李)遺失或損毀,每輛車輛每次運輸的法律責任上限為3,333新加坡元,如屬本段所述者以外的行李遺失或損毀,則每名乘客每次運輸的法律責任上限為1,200新加坡元,惟須受第8(4)條所載的全數免賠額規限;
    4. 第15條,該條文處理有關行李遺失或損毀的申索通知;及
    5. 第16條,該條文規定提出申索的兩年時效期限須被視為已完全納入本條款及條件及航程合約,而法律責任在任何情況下均不得超過本文不時規定的限制。
  3. 上述「特別提款權」一詞指國際貨幣基金組織(IMF)於1969年創設的國際貨幣籃子。國際貨幣基金組織將特別提款權(SDR)界定如下:特別提款權為國際儲備資產,由國際貨幣基金組織於1969年創設,以補充成員國的現有官方儲備。特別提款權乃按成員國在國際貨幣基金組織中的份額進行分配。特別提款權亦作為國際貨幣基金組織及若干其他國際組織的記賬單位。其價值以一籃子主要國際貨幣為基礎。為取得特別提款權現時的美元約數,請登入以下由國際貨幣基金組織管理的網站—。
  4. 就於任何美國港口登船、離船或停靠的航行而言,承運人將進一步享有美利堅合眾國所有法規的利益,規定免除/豁免法律責任的限制及據此規定的程序,包括但不限於美國法典第46卷第30501至30509條及第30511條。本航程合約概無條文擬或具有效力限制或剥奪承運人任何適用法例項下的任何該等法定限制或免除法律責任。


  1. 本航程合約將納入承運人可隨時修訂而無須通知賓客的本條款及條件,並受本條款及條件規管。
  2. 船票(有時以預訂確認書形式)僅就其上列明的旅程及名列其上的賓客有效,在未得承運人書面同意下不得轉讓。賓客接受或使用船票將被視作或視為他們各自接受及同意本航程合約的所有條款及條件。
  3. 所有航行須視乎預訂時的供應而定。航程合約概不存在,直至訂金(或(如適用)全費)已支付為止(不論是否已發出預訂確認書),而支付予旅行社的所有款項須由承運人代表持有,直至款項支付予承運人為止。倘於到期日或之前未能支付款項,承運人將有權取消預訂,並根據本文的條文徵收取消費。
  4. 已支付的船費須於支付時被視為已全數賺取,或倘之前尚未支付,則於付款到期或登船時(以較早者為準)全數賺取。承運人概不對就遺失船票或賓客完全或部分未使用船票向賓客作出任何退款承擔法律責任,惟本文明文規定者除外,而不論任何法規或其他政府規例規定的條文相反。
  5. 已刊登船費(包括任何小冊子或其他刊物所載的船費)可能隨時更改。
  6. 承運人可修改在預約時列明的船費,並在無事先通知的情況下在船費之上徵收附加費,金額將由承運人評定,而賓客須於登船前支付,以計及若干運輸成本(包括燃料成本、應繳費用、稅項、費用或貨幣匯率的不利變動)變化致使提供航行的成本變化。
  7. 於航行期間提供的服務及貨品以及任何港口或機場收費及稅項,倘船費並未包括在內,均由賓客支付。倘該等服務或貨品乃於船隻上提供,賓客必須於離開船隻前付款。
  8. 在不影響賓客的行李及貨品的任何留置權的情況下,賓客同意承運人有權阻止屬於賓客或賓客攜帶的任何行李或貨品離開船隻,直至賓客已支付結欠承運人的所有款項為止。


  1. 倘任何賓客被發現在船隻上並無持有有效船票,則須支付相當於全數船費雙倍的金額,而概不影響承運人針對賓客提出任何申索或向任何當局匯報有關事宜的權利。倘任何賓客被發現使用無效或偽造船票,則須支付350新加坡元的罰款,而概不影響承運人針對賓客提出任何申索的權利。倘任何賓客遺失船票或其船票不完整,或倘任何賓客年滿一歲但未持有船票,則須即時購買必需的船票。
  2. 當身處承運人的處所或船隻時,賓客須遵守承運人的所有指示,包括但不限於本條款及條件。
  3. 於登船及航行的整個過程中,賓客須已接受航行所需的一切醫療疫苗注射,並須帶備一切適當而必需的旅遊文件(例如護照、簽證、公民身分證明、多次通用入境證、顯示所有必要疫苗的醫療證書及預定停靠及離船港口所需的一切其他文件)以供出示。儘管承運人或其代表不時提供任何建議或資料,賓客須全權負責確定及遵守所有入境要求,並確保自己符合旅遊的法律資格。建議賓客查詢旅行社或適當政府部門,以確定必要的文件及旅遊資格規定。賓客須負責就因未能遵守該項規定而產生的任何法律責任、損失、損害賠償或開支向承運人及所有第三方作出彌償,並使承運人及所有第三方持續得到彌償。賓客將須繳付承運人因文件不妥善或不遵守適用規例而招致的任何罰款或其他成本,有關金額可能自賓客的特等艙房賬戶及/或信用卡扣除。承運人可取消目前或變得因任何理由不合資格旅遊或並無適當旅遊文件的任何賓客的預訂。倘船長或其他獲授權郵輪人員認為賓客可能會在目的地遭入境或其他政府部門拒絕登陸或可能患上傳染病或經接觸傳染的疾病,承運人或船長可於任何港口或地方拒絕任何賓客登船或要求任何賓客離船。在該等情況下,賓客無權獲得任何船費退款或任何類別的賠償。在任何情況下,承運人概不對任何賓客因該等取消或被拒登船所招致不論何種的任何成本、損害賠償或開支承擔法律責任。
  4. 賓客須於承運人指定的時間或之前抵達航行登船港口以登上船隻,或如無通知時間,則賓客須於預定出發時間前最少3小時抵達。賓客同意於航行期間的所有停靠港口及時地返回船隻,及無論如何在預定出發時間前不少於30分鐘登上船隻。賓客的責任為注意規定登船時間及返回船隻,以免錯過船隻出發,並考慮船上的時間與沿岸時鐘之間的任何時差。倘賓客並未於任何港口或地方準時登船,則承運人概不就後果承擔任何法律責任。承運人並無義務延遲或偏離擬定行程,而賓客須承擔因此產生的任何及所有成本。與賓客再度加入船隻有關的交通成本,包括但不限於政府費用、簽證費用、生活費、住宿、空運費用、汽艇費用、租車或代理費,須由賓客承擔。
    此外,就逾時返回航行中任何停靠港口的乘客而言,每人將徵收150新加坡元 (或其等數)的行政費。船隻將有絕對權利按預定時間或其後任何時間離開港口,無須承擔不論何種的任何法律責任、賠償或退款,而倘乘客最終未能返回船隻,則承運人與任何該等乘客之間的航程合約(包括根據航程合約可能協議的任何旅遊服務或義務)將被視為已完全及充分地履行。
  5. 賓客確認郵輪上的醫療護理可能有限或延遲,郵輪可能前往醫療護理有限或無法提供的目的地,而船隻未必設有船醫或其他醫務人員,視乎承運人的選擇。因此,每名賓客須保證賓客及賓客照顧/負責的任何人士於登船時的身體狀況須適合航行,並就此作出保證。承運人保留權利要求任何賓客出示健康狀況適合航行的醫療證明。賓客必須自立及/或應與旅伴用行以提供於航行中需要的任何協助。承運人保留權利要求無法自立的賓客或與旅伴同行,該旅伴應負責在船程中需要的任何協助及緊急情況。
    1. 任何肢體殘疾或心智不健全、行動不便、存在其他身體狀況或障礙而於旅程中可能需要任何類別的特殊護理、治療或協助的賓客(包括使用輪椅的人士)必須於預約時以書面向承運人申報。如於預約後才出現殘疾、行動不便或狀況,則須儘快通知承運人。如承運人認為有需要,可能要求有關殘疾、行動不便或狀況的醫療證明或其他文件、資料或豁免。
    2. 倘任何賓客未能通知承運人任何肢體殘疾、行動不便或其他狀況而可能需要特殊協助或住宿,或承運人全權判斷因該狀況不適合旅遊或可能需要非承運人所能提供的護理、治療或照顧,或倘承運人不信納可保證賓客及/或任何其他賓客的安全、舒適及健康,承運人保留權利拒絕或撤回賓客的航程或取消其預約。倘拒絕賓客登上船隻,承運人可行使其絕對酌情權退回全部或部分船費,否則承運人將不會作出退款或賠償。承運人就根據本條的條文拒絕賓客登船概不承擔法律責任。
    3. 在不限制上述的一般性的原則下,在本文的條款規限下,懷孕的賓客須於預約航程時披露懷有身孕及懷孕階段。賓客如已懷孕二十四(24)週或以上將被禁止登船旅遊。所有待產賓客同意根據本條款及條件應要求於登船前向承運人提供核實其妊娠情況,證明即使賓客於離船時將懷孕未滿二十四(24)週,健康狀況也適合旅遊的醫生紙。如未能提供有關醫生紙,可能導致賓客在並無退款、賠償或付款的情況下取消預約,惟第9條所述的承運人取消政策所載者除外,視乎有關取消的時間而定。
    4. 於航行開始時未滿6個月的兒童將被拒絕登上船隻,而承運人將無須對拒絕登船的任何後果承擔不論何種的法律責任。若干航行亦禁止未滿12個月的兒童登船。賓客應於預訂前向承運人查詢。
    5. 倘承運人、船長、船隻的醫生或任何醫療人員於任何時間合理地認為任何賓客:
      1. (1) 在任何方面不適合繼續,構成滋擾或可能造成損害,或可能構成不便,危害或損害任何一名或以上人士的健康、安全或合理舒適(不論是否在船上),或可能危害或損害船隻及/或其裝置、家具、機器、設備或其任何部分或任何財物的安全,
      2. (2) 可能被拒絕在賓客的目的地港口或船隻可能停靠的任何港口登陸,或
      3. (3) 可能令承運人須對賓客的生活費或支援或回國承擔法律責任,則承運人、船長、船隻的醫生或醫療人員將有權(不論有否出示任何醫療證明)全權酌情決定於任何地方或港口及隨時拒絕該名賓客登船或運送該賓客,於任何港口要求賓客離船,將賓客由一個卧鋪轉移至另一卧鋪,以其他交通方式運送賓客,或將賓客禁閉在艙房或船隻的診所或任何其他部分。倘賓客在船隻上或停靠港口岸上參與若干活動或項目將對任何賓客造成損害風險,則賓客未必能在船隻上或停靠港口岸上參與若干活動或項目。賓客或與賓客同行的任何人士没有權就因上述任何行動而蒙受的任何損失或損害賠償針對承運人提出申索。
    6. 倘賓客(包括本文所述者)要求任何特殊或額外住宿,或於旅程期間獲得原本不會提供的特殊或額外照顧,必須於預約航程時通知承運人或其代理商,並須就此支付費用。除上文所述者外,賓客確認並同意承運人無責任或義務對提供一般向任何其他賓客提供的住宿、服務或設備以外的任何特殊住宿、服務或設備。
    7. 謹此通知有特殊需要的賓客,若干國際安全規定及規例可能對一名或以上行動不便、有嚴重視障及/或聽障的人士造成困難。
    8. 由於船隻上提供的任何輪椅僅作緊急用途,因此要求使用輪椅的賓客必須自行提供兒童/成人標準尺寸輪椅(闊22 ½寸),並須由身體健康、能協助他們的旅伴同行。
    9. 賓客謹此解除承運人由懷孕、已存在的不適、疾病、受傷、衰弱、殘疾或傷病(不論精神上、身體上或其他)作為近因而造成的任何身故、受傷或損害賠償承擔的任何及所有法律責任。
    10. 賓客同意萬一承運人選擇墊付緊急醫療護理費用(包括在岸上提供的醫療護理以及有關交通及/或住宿),會彌償及償付承運人。
    11. 承運人所招致或支付及歸咎於賓客未能遵守或符合任何國家的任何法律及/或承運人或任何政府機關、政府代理機構或官員、港口或港口官員的規例(包括不論何種有關入境、邊境巡邏、海關、農業、衛生的任何地方規定或任何其他政府規例而須支付的任何種類的合理開支(包括罰款、處罰、關稅或其他收費),須可應要求由承運人向賓客追討及由賓客支付予承運人。
    12. 賓客無權就所蒙受或招致的任何虧損、成本或開支要求承運人退款或針對承運人提出訴訟,而承運人概不就承運人根據本條款及條件本著真誠採取的任何行動,對賓客承擔不論何種類別的義務或法律責任。
  6. 於登上船隻時,賓客必須於前台登記有效的信用卡或其他可接受的付款方法以支付任何特等艙房費用。賓客同意倘如(但不限於)本條描述承運人招致任何開支或蒙受任何損害,則承運人可向賓客的特等艙房賬戶及/或信用卡收取所招致的任何該等開支或所蒙受的損害。
  7. 於離開船隻前,賓客必須全數支付向賓客特等艙房賬戶收取的所有費用。
  8. 每名賓客同意於所有時間遵守承運人及其高級人員的所有規則及依從承運人及其高級人員的指示,如未能遵守及依從可導致賓客離船,而承運人無須承擔向賓客或任何同行賓客退款或賠償不論何種的任何其他相關開支或損失的任何法律責任。
  9. 未滿18歲的賓客(「未成年人」)必須由年滿18歲的賓客(「同行成人」)陪同。同行成人明確同意對未成年人於航行期間的安全、行徑及行為負責;至於夜間航行,同行成人必須與未成年人佔用同一特等艙房或與未成年人特等艙房相連的特等艙房。同行成人的責任包括但不限於制止未成年人購買或飲用酒精、防止未成年人在船隻上參與任何形式的賭博、確保未成年人遵守及防止未成年人違反任何郵輪規則,以及根據本航程合約就未成年人所有負債及應付款項向承運人作出彌償。倘同行成人並非未成年人的父母或法定監護人,則同行成人及未成年人的結婚證書核證副本或父母/監護人授權未成年人在緊急情況下旅遊及未成年人的治療的經公證同意函,必須於碼頭交予代表或承運人的前台人員。倘未能於登船時出示該文件,可能導致被拒登船而不獲提供任何退款或賠償。倘賓客於船隻上購買或飲用酒精或參與任何形式的賭博,必須年滿18歲或以上。
  10. 賓客須受承運人作出的行李限制(包括但不限於下文第13條所載者)以及其他空運及陸運承運人作出的行李限制規限。賓客負責於出發前查看有關行李限制,就任何禁止攜帶的行李承擔責任,或繳付限制造成的額外收費(包括任何額外行李收費)。
  11. 賓客禁止攜帶任何火器、任何類別的武器、彈藥、爆炸品或任何屬危險性質的貨品(包括但不限於刀、刀片或任何類別的锋利程度;任何防射性、易燃、爆炸性、腐蝕性及有毒物品;及任何危險品或任何適用國家或國際法律、規例或法令禁止攜帶上船的任何物品登上船隻。
  12. 賓客禁止攜帶任何類別的動物(不論生死,包括家禽、魚類、貝介類、家居寵物或其他動物,但不包括導盲犬)登上船隻。視障或聽障的賓客可攜帶經註冊導盲犬。賓客如有意攜帶導盲犬旅遊,必須提前通知承運人。於辦理登船時,賓客必須出示狗隻註冊為導盲犬的證書、狗隻所有有效的健康及預防注射證明書、入境許可證及目的地適用法律、規例或法令規定的所有其他文件。
  13. 賓客不得攜帶任何氣味令人討厭或不快或帶有臭味或惱人噪音的貨品;或任何可能對船隻上其他賓客造成滋擾或危險的任何物品登上船隻。
  14. 賓客禁止攜帶任何酒精飲品、使人醉酒的烈酒或飲料登上船隻。所有酒精、葡萄酒/香檳及過多的非酒精飲料將被充公棄置而不獲賠償。於船隻內的禮品店或停靠港口購買的酒精飲料將於航行期間由承運人保存,並於抵達離船港口時歸還賓客。賓客不得就因此招致的任何損失或不便申索。承運人保留權利拒絕向任何乘客招待酒精。賓客確認在船隻上允許購買、管有或飲用酒精飲料的最低年齡為十八(18)歲。賓客同意負責監察其負責看管的所有未成年人,以確保未成年人不會違反這項或任何其他船上規例。企圖使用虛假身份證明文件購買酒精的賓客將被視為違反這項政策。賓客同意承運人有權要求任何違反這項政策的賓客以及與違反這項政策或任何其他船上規例的未成年人同行的任何同行成人離船。
  15. 承運人的受僱人或代理商有權搜查賓客及/或其行李及貨品,以確定是否存在第4k至4n條條文涵蓋的任何物品。賓客同意於船隻的船長或承運人的其他獲授權受僱人或代理商要求時允許搜查。賓客須負責因攜帶第4k至4n條條文涵蓋的任何物品登上船隻而導致的任何損失或損害賠償,承運人將有權銷毀或以其他方式處置該物品,以保護乘客及船隻的安全,而無須對擁有該物品的乘客承擔任何法律責任。
  16. 承運人可能進一步拒絕承運人認為因其重量、形狀、大小或性質而不適宜運輸的任何物品上船。
  17. 倘賓客攜帶易碎、易腐爛及貴重的物品上船,須自行承擔風險。承運人或船隻在任何情況下均無須對賓客或任何其他一名或以上人士就易碎、易腐爛或貴重的物品的遺失或損毀承擔不論何種類別的義務或法律責任。
  18. 除非賓客自承運人取得事先書面批准,否則賓客不得就任何專業、事業或商業活動牟利或為其他用途而於航行期間在船隻上游說任何人士,包括但不限於其他賓客、承運人的僱員、工作人員或代理商。倘未能遵守這項規定,可導致被強迫離開船隻,而承運人概不就退還任何部分的船費或不論何種的任何附帶成本承擔法律責任。
  19. 賓客確認船隻包含非吸煙區。賓客同意避免在非吸煙區吸煙,並同意承運人有權就未能遵守承運人的非吸煙政策要求賓客離船。
  20. 賓客嚴禁在船上進行非法活動或行為。賓客同意遵守這項政策,並確認承運人的政策是向適當的執法機關匯報非法活動或行為的事件。
  21. 賓客同意在未得承運人明確書面同意下,將不會使用自己、任何其他賓客、船員或第三方在船隻上,或描述船隻、其設計、設備或其不論何種的任何部分的任何錄音、視頻或相片作任何商業用途或任何媒體廣播或任何其他非私人用途。賓客確認一經登上船隻,即代表賓客不可撤回地於任何時間同意這項條文,而這是獲准登上船隻並可透過任何合法方法(包括但不限強制性濟助)執行的先決條件。
  22. 倘賓客根據本航程合約的任何條文遭拒絕登船、禁閉在特定艙房或要求離開船隻,賓客同意:
    1. 承運人將無須就船費的任何退款、其他賠償或任何損害賠償承擔法律責任。
    2. 離船及返回登船港口或任何其他目的地的開支將由賓客自行承擔。
    3. 向承運人作出彌償,而承運人可於賓客的特等艙房賬戶及/或信用卡扣除承運人就賓客離船及/或回國所招致的任何及所有開支。
  23. 除非已支付單人旅客附加費,否則賓客無權獨家佔用設有兩個或以上卧鋪的艙房。倘取消導致賓客變成設有兩個或以上卧鋪的艙房的唯一佔用人,則賓客須支付單人旅客附加費。倘取消導致原先一併預訂艙房的賓客人數減少,則餘下的賓客須各自支付因減少而產生的價格增幅。
  24. 賓客須於離船港口或按承運人的指示離開船隻。倘賓客於航行結束後違反承運人指示留在船隻上,將遭到承運人撤離。賓客同意彌償承運人因賓客拒絕或未能按承運人指示離開船隻導致承運人招致的任何延遲、成本、開支、損失或損害賠償,並使承運人免受損失。
  25. 承運人建議賓客就行李及個人物品財產的遺失或損毀、旅程取消及緊急撤離、意外傷亡、疾病及就航行蒙受或招致的醫療開支投購保險保障。
  26. 對於承運人不論直接或間接原因或相關於或歸咎於賓客或所負責的未成年人的任何作為、不作為、疏忽或違反責任或違反或未能履行或遵守、或疏於履行或遵守航程合約的本條款及條件或就此蒙受或招致或作出不論何種性質的所有或任何負債、損失、申索、損害賠償、成本、開支及/或延遲,賓客須向承運人承擔法律責任,向承運人作出十足的償付及彌償,並使承運人免受損失。
  27. 鼓勵賓客於預約承運人及登船前,參考賓客國家的政府或賓客計劃旅遊目的地的政府所發出的旅遊警告或外遊警示。


  1. 承運人的責任不得超逾承運人根據適用法律及本航程合約有權享有的法律責任限制。概不就船隻的適航性、性能或狀況或船隻上供應的任何食品、飲料、藥品或必需品提供或暗示承諾、擔保或保證。承運人在任何情況下概不就船隻的賓客區以外地區或船隻本身發生的任何事故承擔法律責任,包括但不限於於岸上、並非由船隻擁有的補給船上、於並非船隻一部分的設備上或因並非船隻一部分的設備、或於船塢或碼頭上發生的事故。
  2. 儘管已作出一切合理照顧以在船上向賓客提供醫療照顧,有關醫療照顧及/或船上的設施無法視為如普通醫院般完善的醫療設施。醫療設施僅於緊急情況下及作為急救功能提供。
  3. 賓客確認倘因醫療理由而需要使用任何交通工具撤離,會為賓客及代表賓客安排交通,成本及費用由賓客承擔。賓客亦確認及接受,倘承運人就有關交通墊付任何費用,承運人可自由向賓客申索有關款項。
  4. 承運人可隨時因不論何種的任何理由向賓客提供有別於已經編配給賓客或向賓客提供的住宿,而不作補償,惟住宿標準及房型須與於預約時承運人確認者大致相同或更佳(如有)。倘承運人無法提供替代住宿,賓客有權接受承運人提供的任何替代住宿及(如適用)合理賠償或終止航程合約,在此情況下,退款相當於只包括航行的船費的未使用部分(如有),但不作進一步賠償。
  5. 在雅典公約適用時,針對承運人提出的所有申索須根據公約提出。在所有其他情況下,承運人的法律責任將不會超逾:-
    1. (如屬賓客人身傷亡)每名賓客70,000美元,包括醫療成本、傷殘賠償等(或不論何種費用);及
    2. (如屬財物遺失或損毀)(a)每名賓客300美元,或(b)每千克遺失或損毀物品5美元,或(iii)每個袋子或每件行李75美元(以最低者為準)。
  6. 倘船隻因不論何種的任何理由(包括承運人的失誤)並無於預定或廣告日期或前後出航,承運人可自由以任何其他船隻或交通方式替代(不論是否由承運人擁有或營運),並在該處重新安排賓客卧鋪,或由承運人選擇退回已支付的航程款項或其按比例部分,而無須就不論何種類別的損害賠償或損失進一步承擔法律責任。
  7. 謹此協議承運人無須就並非由承運人僱用的任何人士的故意或疏忽行動,或承運人的僱員並非當值時或並非其僱用過程或職責範圍內的任何故意或疏忽行動負上轉承法律責任。
  8. 謹此協議承運人無須就因賓客使用船隻的運動或康樂設備,或因賓客決定參與任何運動或康樂活動或項目而造成的損失、損毀或受傷承擔法律責任。
  9. 承運人無須就任何情況下任何類別的精神上的痛苦、精神折磨/極度痛苦或心理傷害對賓客承擔法律責任,惟因承運人或其代理商或僱員故意疏忽或行為造成,及因同一名賓客實際身體損傷或一直承擔實際身體損傷風險而導致的損害賠償除外。
  10. 承運人無須就對相應而生的損失或損毀或就置留、延遲或超載(不論如何造成)的申索承擔法律責任,惟倘為僅歸咎於承運人失誤導致延遲造成賓客的損失,則承運人可償付無可避免地招致的開支,上限為已付船費的10%。
  11. 如屬「飛航+郵輪」(及如於預訂時尚未確認),承運人將於知悉安排後的合理時間內通知飛行安排的詳情。倘於通知後任何安排需要更改,則任何該等更改將不會構成承運人的重大修改,而承運人的任何法律責任將限於支付賓客直接因此招致的任何必要及合理開支。為免生疑問,在任何情況下,承運人均無須就所訂約航空公司就「飛航+郵輪」拒絕賓客登機承擔法律責任,拒絕登機由該航空公司全權酌情決定。


  1. 賓客聲明及保證賓客及其負責的未成年人的健康狀況適合繼續,並無在任何方面構成滋擾,而賓客及未成年人的財物及行徑將不會在任何方面造成損害或不便、危害或損害任何一名或以上人士的健康、安全或合理舒適(不論是否在船上),或危害或損害船隻及/或其裝置、家具、機器、設備或其任何部分或任何財物的安全。賓客將進一步維護及彌償承運人及承運人個別及全部代理商或受僱人因違反此項聲明而導致不論何種的任何人身傷亡或損毀或損失而產生不論何種的所有法律責任。
  2. 為了國際海上保安及安全的利益,及為了其他賓客或任何具有行政與政府機關權利行動的第三方的利益或方便,賓客協議及謹此同意對賓客本人及其財物進行合理搜身或實際搜查,或以檢查、掃瞄或其他方式搜查(不論有否通知),及同意將承運人、船長及/或船隻上的任何高級人員認為可能在任何方面對任何一名或以上人士(不論是否在船上)的健康、安全或合理舒適造成不便、危害或損害,或危害或損害船隻及/或其裝置、家具、機器、設備或其任何部分或任何財物的安全的任何財物進行扣押。倘任何賓客拒絕任何該等搜查或檢查或掃瞄或攜帶該等物品,可能遭拒絕登船或被要求離船,而不會退回船費。船長或任何在船長的授權下行事的任何船員有權隨時進入賓客佔用的艙房,以搜查受管制或違禁物質,或以作維護工程、保安或安全用途。
  3. 為了儘量提升賓客的舒適度和安全,賓客須於旅程中在船上遵守以下規定及任何船員的所有其他合理指示:(i)只飲用適量酒精,並只於旅程中飲用船員提供的酒精;及(ii)行為舉止不會對其他賓客造成滋擾或受到其他賓客合理反對,例如以大音量操作手提式電子裝置。


  1. 承運人可隨時修訂航程合約的條款及條件,恕不另行通知賓客。
  2. 預約修訂僅由承運人全權酌情決定,倘承運人同意任何預約修訂要求,將有權徵收其視為合適的行政費。


  1. 承運人的非重大修改
  2. 承運人的取消及重大修改
  3. 航行中斷或重大修改







  1. 天災,包括但不限於不利天氣狀況、海上、河上、運河上、湖水或其他水面上的危險、任何類別的航海的危險、缺乏運河通道、潮汐、地震、風暴、颱風、閃電、暴風雨或水浸、冰塊,
  2. 船上或岸上罷工、封鎖、停工或限制貿易或勞工、船員擅離職守或拒絕服從、船員的不當行為、工業行動或勞動力困難、騷亂或衝突、或因任何理由短缺(不論部分或全面及不論承運人是否為當中訂約方),
  3. 任何病毒爆發、疫症、惡劣天氣、傳染病(包括但不限於嚴重急性呼吸系統綜合症或類似嚴重急性呼吸系統綜合症事件或諾沃克病毒類疾病或2019冠狀病毒病或其變種病毒),;
  4. 核爆、放射性或電離輻射,;
  5. 因不管如何及於任何地方船隻發生爆炸、火災、碰撞、觸礁、擱淺或沉沒,或船隻或其船體、裝置、家具、機器或設備出現損壞或故障或損毀,
  6. 內亂、暴亂、動蕩、叛亂、戰爭、內戰、敵對狀態、阻塞、君主、統治者或人民所作的拘禁或限制、政府限制或徵用、政治騷亂、暴動、革命、脅迫、叛亂、內亂、軍事或篡權、侵略、外敵行為、恐怖主義行為或威脅、公敵行為、海上搶劫、劫持、轟炸、蓄意破壞或刑事毀壞、根據法律程序扣押或逮捕,
  7. 任何政府機關任何種類的行動、限制、規例、細則、拒絕給予任何牌照或許可、禁止或措施,或無法取得供給或供給失效(包括燃料),
  8. 任何電器或電子硬件、設備、機器、部件或電腦(包括承運人、其受僱人或代理商所使用的程式或軟件)的機械件故障、意外、故障或不正常操作或損毀(不論直接或間接)、港口關閉、擁擠、入塢或錨泊困難、盜竊,
  9. 進出口規例或禁運,
  10. 隔離限制或封鎖(不論全面或部分),
  11. 批量或重量泿費、潛在缺陷或固有缺陷(即使在登船或航行開始時已經存在)、船隻或財物質量或缺點或自然損耗的法律責任,
  12. 賓客的行動、疏忽或違約或違反或未能遵守本條款及條件的任何條文,
  13. 承運人或船隻可能無法避免的情況,以及其無法透過行使合理努力而避免的後果(統稱為「不可抗力事件」)。
  14. 賓客承認及確認透過遠洋航行的船隻旅遊有時會帶來非承運人可合理控制或減緩的風險及情況。對於因任何不可抗力事件或非承運人所能控制任何類別損失產生或導致或承運人或船長判斷為必要或合宜的不論何種的任何受傷、損失或損毀,賓客須承擔風險,並解除承運人的法律責任。在任何該等情況下,航行可能完全或部分修改、縮短、延長或取消,而承運人無須承擔退款或其他的法律責任。







  1. 倘出航預定日期及時間延遲超過24小時,而賓客並無於船隻上住宿,則承運人可全權酌情決定於延遲期間為賓客安排合理住宿及膳食,賓客無須承擔額外開支。
  2. 倘預定登船港口更改,則承運人可全權酌情決定安排替代交通方式(由承運人決定的海上、空中或陸路交通)由原定登船港口接送至重訂登船港口,賓客無須承擔額外開支,或倘無法提供替代交通,則承運人將退回賓客已支付的船費。
  3. 倘預定離船港口更改,則承運人可全權酌情決定安排替代交通方式(由承運人決定的海上、空中或陸路交通)由離船點接送至船隻停靠的最近港口,賓客無須承擔額外開支,或倘無法提供替代交通,則承運人將退回賓客相等於替代交通的金額,惟該金額不得超逾賓客已支付的船費。
  4. 倘航行的預定時間長短縮短,不論因船隻略過或更改在任何一個或以上中途港口進行預定停靠,則承運人就此承擔的唯一法律責任為按照航行減少的整日天數向賓客退回按比例計算的船費,惟航行的預定時間長短須縮短超過24小時。
  5. 倘航行的預定時間長短因不論何種的任何理由延長,則承運人無須就延長期間對乘客承擔不論何種的關法律責任,而乘客無權就延遲獲得任何付款或賠償。惟上述任何延遲、更改或略過須並非由賓客引致或在任何方面歸咎於賓客違反本文的條款及條件及/或賓客的任何作為、疏忽或違約及/或並非因任何不可抗力事件導致。倘行程因郵輪的技術問題或非承運人所能控制的任何其他事宜導致未能按預定停靠港口而更改,則承運人將退回賓客已支付的適當部分船費。




  1. 當本文使用「行李」一詞,僅指載有衣物、服裝配飾、盥洗用品及類似個人物品的行李、手提箱、旅行袋、小背包、袋子、衣架或包袱及其內載物,包括賓客並非載於盛器的所有其他個人財物產。賓客不應攜帶謀生工具、家庭用品、烈酒、易碎品或貴重物品、黃金、珠寶、寶石、可流轉票據、文件或不論如何描述的其他貴重物品或適用法律列明的物品登上船隻或將之放入賓客的行李,惟賓客於登船前根據與承運人訂立的特別書面合約的條款申請或受有關條款規限者除外。賓客謹此保證並無攜帶該等物品登上船隻,或將之放入乘客作為行李向承運人呈示的任何容器或盛器。承運人無須對任何上列物品或易腐爛物品、假牙、光學設備(包括隱形眼鏡)、藥物、相機、康樂及/或體育設備、現金、證券或其他可流轉票據於不論何種的任何情況下,亦不論是否放入賓客的行李或其他容器攜帶的任何遺失或損毀承擔法律責任。
  2. 每名賓客均有權將最多兩(2)件分別不超過二十五(25)公斤,且必須能寬裕地放入賓客艙房的行李登上船隻。然而,在承運人事先書面同意下,賓客可攜帶額外行李上船,賓客須向承運人支付按照現行適用費率計算的超額行李費。
  3. 任何種類的行李(包括超額行李)只能放入賓客的個人財物,不得攜帶他人的財物登上船隻。
  4. 賓客不得作為行李攜帶武器、火器、彈藥、爆炸品、縱火器或易燃或其他危險、有害、危險性或有毒物品或任何類型的物質,或將之帶上船隻。每名賓客保證作為行李攜帶或呈示的任何容器或其他盛器並無戴有該等物品。賓客於登船時管有的任何該等物品或有毒物質須即時交給承運人的適當員工,而承運人保留權利將此等或其全權酌情認為有損任何人士的安全或舒適或任何賓客不當管有的任何其他物品充公、銷毀及/或交予當局。賓客須就適用法律施加的所有罰款或處罰,以及承運人、船隻或任何人士或財物蒙受的所有損害賠償及損失或因賓客將任何該等貨品或物品帶上或攜帶登上船隻或其後果,而對承運人或船長承擔法律責任或作出償付。
  5. 承運人或船長或船隻的任何高級人員可全權酌情決定因不論任何理由於任何時間或地點從船隻的一部分移動任何財物至船隻的另一部分,或完全從船隻移走、處置或銷毀該財物,而無須向負責將該財物帶上船的賓客或管有或託管或擁有該財物的任何人士承擔不論何種類別的任何法律責任。
  6. 每件行李必須妥善收拾,及清楚以標籤顯示賓客的全名、住址、船隻名稱、出航日期及目的地,倘賓客並無辦妥,承運人及/或船隻概不對運送財物不論如何產生不論何種的任何遺失或損毀或延遲承擔法律責任。
  7. 於船隻抵達後未獲認領的財物將加以儲存,風險及費用概由賓客及/或財物擁有人承擔,倘於船隻抵達後30日內未獲領取,承運人可以其視為合適的不論任何方式處置,而無須對賓客及/或財物擁有人及/或任何其他人士承擔任何法律責任或支付賠償。
  8. 賓客無須就行李或個人物品財產或財物支付或有權收取任何一般平均分擔款項。
  9. 承運人、船隻及/或船長須對屬於任何賓客或由其管有的任何行李、金錢及其他財物享有留置權,而不論財物是否於賓客乘坐的船隻或承運人擁有或租用的任何其他船隻運送,以清償賓客根據航程合約或任何其他合約或其他條文屬於或可能於任何方面已到期支付承運人或其受僱人、代理商或代表的不論何種的任何款項、金錢、開支、收費或損害賠償,包括於行使該留置權及透過拍賣或其他方式出售財物的權利時招致的任何開支及成本,而無須通知賓客,並將出售所得款項用於賓客應付承運人的所有款項及執行該留置權及與儲存及出售該行李及財物有關的成本及開支。於向賓客支付餘額(如有)後,承運人、船隻及/或船長將被解除對財物的不論何種的所有法律責任。
  10. 所有貴重物品必須存放於承運人不時指定的保險箱。
  11. 本文所載的所有免責聲明及法律責任限制須適用於承運人儲存或接受儲存的所有貴重物品,包括在保險箱或保安袋存放在承運人處的貴重物品。對於遺漏在艙房的貴重物品或其他物品的遺失或損毀,承運人概不承擔責任及無論如何概不承擔法律責任,而對於賓客並無顯示於承運人實際託管時發生或普通磨損或正常使用的任何類別的物品財產的遺失或損毀,承運人無論如何概不承擔法律責任。
  12. 賓客必須於離開相關地區的海關前向承運人的工作人員申報於裝載或離船時發生的行李遺失或損毀;承運人無須對未有如此申報的任何有關遺失或損毀負責。對於在船隻上以外地方就空中、車上、長途公車、地面接送、行李搬運工人、裝卸工人及/或酒店發生的行李遺失或損毀的法律責任(如有),僅由提供該等服務的人士或實體承擔,而賓客同意承運人概不保證該等服務的履行,亦無須於任何方面或以任何身份就任何該等遺失或損毀承擔法律責任。
  13. 承運人擁有交由其他承運人(不論海運、鐵路或空運)轉移賓客及/或其行李至或前往最終目的地的絕對權利。倘該替代航程乃為了承運人方便,則由承運人承擔費用。否則將由賓客承擔費用。
  14. 於行李轉移期間(包括從任何酒店或機場出發時,於任何新的目的地抵達時,或轉換交通工具或方式時),識別屬於賓客的行李及確保行李以適當方式處理以運送至下一個目的地的責任由賓客承擔。
  15. 在最終目的地遺漏在船隻上的任何行李或財物將加以儲存,送還費用由賓客承擔。







  1. 賓客的任何受傷或身故申索須於身故或受傷導致發生申索日期起計三十(30)日內以書面通知承運人全部詳情。
  2. 財物的任何遺失或損毀申索須於發現財物遺失或損毀後儘快以書面通知承運人所有保險保障詳情。
  3. 所有行李在承運人運輸或儲存時假定為並無損毀,而賓客離船或接受再度運送將為承運人運送的財物運作及狀況良好及數量與收取時相同的表面證據。對於賓客的行李/財物的任何遺失或損毀,承運人及/或船隻概不承擔不論何種的法律責任,除非已就以下情況於以下時間向承運人及/或船隻發出遺失或損毀的書面通知則作別論:—
    1. 如屬明顯損毀,於之前或當時發出書面通知,或
    2. 如屬並非明顯損毀或遺失,於賓客離船日期起計十五(15)天內申索有關遺失或損毀,或如屬再度運送財物,或再度運送應已發生,則以較後者為準。
  4. 本條款及條件內並無通知條文的任何申索,須於提出申索的賓客離船日期或離船應已發生日期(以較後者為準)起計三十(30)天內以書面通知承運人,或如屬財物,則以再度運送財物日期或再度運送應已發生日期(以較後者為準)起計。
  5. 倘賓客申報任何身故或受傷或財物遺失或損毀,承運人須儘早獲得檢查機會,以確定身故或受傷的成因,或財物遺失或損毀的成因、性質及程度。
  6. 承運人將根據本條獲得書面通知。


  1. 賓客人身傷亡或財物遺失或損毀所產生的任何損害賠償訴訟,倘並無於兩(2)年期間內提出程序,將會喪失時效,而承運人及船隻將被解除不論何種的所有法律責任,有關期間的計算方法如下:
    1. 如屬人身傷害,則自該人身傷害發生或乘客離船日期(以較早者為準)起計;
    2. 如屬於以下時間發生的賓客身故—
      1. 於離船之前或之時,則自賓客應已離船日期起計;或
      2. 於因運輸期間發生的人身傷害導致離船後,則自身故日期起計,惟此期間不得自離船日期起計超逾兩(2)年;
    3. 如屬財物遺失或損毀,則自財物所屬或託管、管有或控制財物或運送或自財物被攜帶或財物登上船隻的賓客離船日期,或離船應已發生日期(以較後者為準)起計;
  2. 於本條款及條件中並無時效條文的任何行動或申索將於賓客離船日期或離船應已發生日期(以較後者為準)起計兩(2)年期間後喪失時效,而承運人及船隻須被解除不論何種的所有法律責任,或如屬財物,則以再度運送財物日期或再度運送應已發生日期(以較後者為準)起計;
  3. 時效的中止及中斷理據須由受理案件的法院的法律規管,但在任何情況下,根據任何航程合約或本條款及條件的訴訟或申索無論如何不得在自賓客離船日期或離船應已發生日期(以較後者為準)起計三(3)年期間屆滿後提出(不論訴訟或申索以合約法或侵權法提出),或如屬財物,則自財物再度運送日期或再度運送應已發生日期(以較後者為準)起計;
  4. 不論本條第a、b及c段的條文,時效期限可於訴因已產生後但於初始時效期限屆滿前,以承運人的書面聲明或訂約方的書面協議延長。承運人可全權酌情決定但無義務授出或同意時效期限延長。







  1. 倘賓客預訂或預約航行,或透過銷售代理、旅行社、旅行團營辦商或其他中介人(於下文稱為「旅行社」)與承運人交易,則賓客同意並確認:—
    1. 旅行社僅作為賓客的代理商而非承運人的代理商行事,並獲全面授權為賓客及代表賓客作出任何航行安排及任何相關旅遊、住宿及旅行團或辦理不論何種的任何事宜,包括但不限於與承運人訂立航程合約,收取承運人發出的任何船票,作出、修訂或取消任何預約,簽署不論何種的任何文件,以及支付及收取任何款項。
    2. 本文所載的所有條款及條件須構成旅行社為賓客及代表賓客所締結的任何航程合約的一部分,
    3. 承運人無須對旅行社的任何作為、疏忽或違約承擔法律責任,
    4. 承運人概無法律責任退還將賓客向旅行社支付以轉交承運人或作為旅行社未能轉交的其他用途的任何款項,或重發已經發出的船票及送交旅行社。承運人向代表賓客的旅行社作出的任何退款須被視為向賓客付款,而不論旅行社是否將款項交予賓客,及
    5. 承運人概不對旅行社的任何聲明或操守負責,包括但不限於未能將賓客的訂金或其他款項匯給承運人(而賓客於任何時間均須對承運人承擔法律責任),或未能將承運人的退款匯給賓客,或未能遵守有關當局制定的任何規例,包括但不限於簽證規定。倘旅行社因不論何種理由而未能將賓客支付給旅行社的任何款項匯給承運人,賓客須對及仍須對應付承運人的船費承擔法律責任,而不論有關法律責任於登船前還是登船後主張。本航程合約的發出及有效性取決於承運人於出航前收到最終付款。
    6. 旅行社收訖本航程合約、船票(有時以預訂確認書形式)或任何其他有關航行的文件或通知,將構成賓客收訖。
  2. 任何旅行社或看來是為另一名賓客或訂約方及代表另一名賓客或訂約方與承運人交易的訂約方(以下稱為「賓客代理商」)謹此保證及聲明擁有全面及必需授權,在任何航程合約締結的情況下為該另一名賓客或訂約方及代表該另一名賓客或訂約方行事,已於航程合約締結前向該另一名賓客或其他訂約方發出本文所有條款及條件的完整通知,而該另一名賓客或其他訂約方謹此保證、聲明及確認賓客代理商已獲全面授權就不論何種的任何事宜為另一名賓客或其他訂約方及代表另一名賓客或其他訂約方行事,包括但不限於與承運人訂立航程合約,領取承運人發出的任何船票,作出、修訂或取消任何預約,簽署不論何種的任何文件,以及支付及收取任何款項,而本文的所有條款及條件將構成賓客代理商為另一名賓客或其他訂約方及代表另一名賓客或其他訂約方締結的任何航程合約的一部分。
  3. 賓客代理商謹此同意償付及全數彌償承運人不論直接或間接原因或相關于或歸咎於賓客代理商違反任何保證或航程合約規定的事宜或就此蒙受或招致或作出不論何種性質的所有或任何損失、申索、損害賠償、成本、開支及/或延遲,並使承運人免受損失。
  4. 在不損害上述有關行李遺失的條文的原則下,倘任何財物並非賓客本身的無產權負擔承擔的財物,則賓客將就本條款及條件及航程合約被視為該財物的擁有人或擁有其權益的其他訂約方的代理商,保證擁有所有擁有人及擁有該財物權益的訂約方的授權以訂立航程合約,並以本條款及條件約束該等擁有人及訂約方以及賓客。賓客須償付及全數彌償承運人不論直接或間接原因或相關于或歸咎於未有賓客授權代表擁有人或擁有財物權益的訂約方訂立本航程合約或就此所蒙受或招致或作出不論何種性質的所有或任何損失、申索、損害賠償、成本、開支及/或延遲,並使承運人免受損失。
  5. 二十。已安裝的閉路電視系統



    倘根據本航程合約的條款及條件須發出的任何通知或其他通訊由專人送遞、以平郵或經速遞公司或傳真寄往承運人(地址為 320 Serangoon Road #15-09 Singapore 218108 ),則將被視為已送達另一訂約方。

    二十二。選擇法律 / 司法管轄權條款









  1. 引言及释义
  2. 纳入及应用经1976年11月19日公约议定书修订的《海上乘客及其行李运输雅典公约(1974年)》(「雅典公约」)
  3. 航程合约及航程船费
  4. 宾客的义务
  5. 承运人的义务及限制
  6. 安全及保安
  7. 条款及预约修订
  8. 承运人的取消或修改
  9. 宾客的取消
  10. 不可抗力
  11. 延迟、略过或更改港口
  12. 限制法律责任的利益
  13. 行李、贵重物品及其他财物
  14. 独立承包商、并非在船只上发生的事故、旅行团等
  15. 申索通知
  16. 诉讼时限
  17. 使用肖像
  18. 航程合约适用于申索、法律行动或任何类别的诉讼
  19. 代理商及保证
  20. 已安装的闭路电视系统
  21. 通知
  22. 选择法律/司法管辖权条款
  23. 第三方权利
  24. 語言



  1. 就本航程合约而言,「承运人」一词指RW Cruises Pte Ltd、其直接及间接控股公司、附属公司、联属公司、被指派人、受让人或继任人、指名船只、任何替代船只,以及其拥有人、运营商、雇员、代理商、承租人、补给船、汽艇及相关设施。本文所载的承运人的所有权利、抗辩、宽免及法律责任限制亦有利于承运人的所有特约承包商、设施、独立承包商或其他服务供应商(不论在海上或岸上),包括但不限于岸上短暂停留或旅行团营办商、零售店人员;任何联属或关连公司、母公司、附属公司、继任人、受让人或虚构名称的实体;所有供应商、造船商、零部件制造商;及其拥有人、运营商、管理公司、承租人、代理商、领港员、高级人员、船员、受雇人及雇员,他们对宾客概无任何高于承运人或有别于承运人的法律责任(不论在合约法上或在侵权法上)。
  2. 「航行」一词指船只上的所有水上交通,以及承运人同意根据本航程合约向宾客提供船只由登船港口到最终目的地港口的补给船,并包括在登船港口即最终目的地港口的「无目的地」航行。
  3. 「宾客」一词包括但不限于按相关文件所示日期及船只预约或购买航行或为其预约或购买航行、接受或使用本航程合约的任何人士或实体,包括由宾客照顾的其他人士、任何同行的未成年人士,以及宾客的任何子嗣、亲属、继任人、受让人或代表,不论由宾客或其代表签署。于本航程合约中,「宾客」一词与「乘客」拥有相同涵义。
  4. 「船费」一词指就航行支付的金额,当中仅包括本文列明的交通、全食宿及航行期间的一般船上膳食,但不包括小费、烈酒、葡萄酒、啤酒、软性饮料、苏打或矿泉水、岸上短暂停留、发廊及水疗服务,或任何其他附带或个人服务费用或开支。船费不包括政府税项及/或任何政府或半政府部门征收或施加的费用、收费、使用费及税项,包括但不限于海关费用、人头税、船坞使用费、码头费、检验费、领港费、飞机税、因陆上旅行团招致的酒店税或增值税、入境及入籍费、海港维护费及税务局费用、港口/码头收费及宾客手续费(不论是否按每名乘客、每个卧铺、每吨或每艘船只基准评定)。如按每吨或每艘船只评定,评定将按照邮轮的载客量摊分。该等开支、收费、费用、成本或税项(视乎情况而定)将由宾客应要求按当时费率全数在船费以外支付。在下文第3条规限下,政府费用及税项或会变动,而即使船费已全数支付,承运人保留权利收取出航时有效的任何增幅。
  5. 「船只」一词指承运人雇用、租用、操作、提供及/或租赁的一艘或以上船只,以全部或部分履行本航程合约及/或任何替代船只。
  6. 「航程合约」一词指宾客或其代表提供的预约信息、承运人接纳预约,以及本文所载的条款及条件,连同承运人的正式授权代表书面协议及签署的任何修订,而任何该等修订将于承运人作出或刊发后即时具法律效力及生效。本航程合约将构成承运人与宾客之间的完整协议,并取代承运人的广告、通知、小册子或其他宣传品所载的所有其他协议、声明或条件,以及任何人士就航行向宾客或代表宾客的任何人士作出或声称已作出的所有承诺及协议(不论口头或书面)。
  7. 「船长」一词指船只的船长或在其授权下行事的任何人士。
  8. 「船票」一词指承运人或其获授权代理商代表承运人发出的船票,并包括所有列印条款、条件及通知。
  9. 除下文第15、16、18及22条所规定者外,倘本航程合约的任何条文凭借本航程合约寻求执行的司法管辖区的法律无法强制执行、违反本航程合约或无效,或被具有司法管辖权的法院裁定无法强制执行、违反本航程合约或无效,则该(等)条文须被视为与航程合约分割及无效,而本文的所有余下条文将具十足效力及作用,并构成运输合约。


  1. 承运人及参与就航行提供服务的任何其他人士的法律责任可能受到国际公约限制,包括有关海上、空中及铁路乘客及其行李运输的公约。承运人将有权就其法律责任或宾客针对承运人可追讨的损害赔偿的任何限制享有法律允许的最高保障。

    1. 第5条,据此,承运人无须对金钱、可转让证券、黄金、白银、银器、珠宝、饰物、艺术品或其他贵重物品的遗失或损坏承担法律责任,但如该等贵重物品是经协议交予承运人保管,则承运人须承担的法律责任以雅典公约第8条规定的限额为限,除非根据第10条第1段协议较高的限额,则作别论;
    2. 第7条,据此,承运人就乘客人身伤亡所承担的法律责任在任何情况均不得超过每次运输46,666新加坡元;
    3. 第8条,据此,承运人就寄舱行李遗失或损毁须承担的法律责任无论如何不得超过每名乘客每次运输833新加坡元,如属车辆(包括车辆内或车辆上的所有行李)遗失或损毁,每辆车辆每次运输的法律责任上限为3,333新加坡元,如属本段所述者以外的行李遗失或损毁,则每名乘客每次运输的法律责任上限为1,200新加坡元,惟须受第8(4)条所载的全数免赔额规限;
    4. 第15条,该条文处理有关行李遗失或损毁的申索通知;及
    5. 第16条,该条文规定提出申索的两年时效期限须被视为已完全纳入本条款及条件及航程合约,而法律责任在任何情况下均不得超过本文不时规定的限制。
  2. 上述「特别提款权」一词指国际货币基金组织(IMF)于1969年创设的国际货币篮子。国际货币基金组织将特别提款权(SDR)界定如下:特别提款权为国际储备资产,由国际货币基金组织于1969年创设,以补充成员国的现有官方储备。特别提款权乃按成员国在国际货币基金组织中的份额进行分配。特别提款权亦作为国际货币基金组织及若干其他国际组织的记账单位。其价值以一篮子主要国际货币为基础。为取得特别提款权现时的美元约数,请登入以下由国际货币基金组织管理的网站—。
  3. 就于任何美国港口登船、离船或停靠的航行而言,承运人将进一步享有美利坚合众国所有法规的利益,规定免除/豁免法律责任的限制及据此规定的程序,包括但不限于美国法典第46卷第30501至30509条及第30511条。本航程合约概无条文拟或具有效力限制或剥夺承运人任何适用法例项下的任何该等法定限制或免除法律责任。


  1. 本航程合约将纳入承运人可随时修订而无须通知宾客的本条款及条件,并受本条款及条件规管。
  2. 船票(有时以预订确认书形式)仅就其上列明的旅程及名列其上的宾客有效,在未得承运人书面同意下不得转让。宾客接受或使用船票将被视作或视为他们各自接受及同意本航程合约的所有条款及条件。
  3. 所有航行须视乎预订时的供应而定。航程合约概不存在,直至订金(或(如适用)全费)已支付为止(不论是否已发出预订确认书),而支付予旅行社的所有款项须由承运人代表持有,直至款项支付予承运人为止。倘于到期日或之前未能支付款项,承运人将有权取消预订,并根据本文的条文征收取消费。
  4. 已支付的船费须于支付时被视为已全数赚取,或倘之前尚未支付,则于付款到期或登船时(以较早者为准)全数赚取。承运人概不对就遗失船票或宾客完全或部分未使用船票向宾客作出任何退款承担法律责任,惟本文明文规定者除外,而不论任何法规或其他政府规例规定的条文相反。
  5. 已刊登船费(包括任何小册子或其他刊物所载的船费)可能随时更改。
  6. 承运人可修改在预约时列明的船费,并在无事先通知的情况下在船费之上征收附加费,金额将由承运人评定,而宾客须于登船前支付,以计及若干运输成本(包括燃料成本、应缴费用、税项、费用或货币汇率的不利变动)变化致使提供航行的成本变化。
  7. 于航行期间提供的服务及货品以及任何港口或机场收费及税项,倘船费并未包括在内,均由宾客支付。倘该等服务或货品乃于船只上提供,宾客必须于离开船只前付款。
  8. 在不影响宾客的行李及货品的任何留置权的情况下,宾客同意承运人有权阻止属于宾客或宾客携带的任何行李或货品离开船只,直至宾客已支付结欠承运人的所有款项为止。


  1. 倘任何宾客被发现在船只上并无持有有效船票,则须支付相当于全数船费双倍的金额,而概不影响承运人针对宾客提出任何申索或向任何当局汇报有关事宜的权利。倘任何宾客被发现使用无效或伪造船票,则须支付350新加坡元的罚款,而概不影响承运人针对宾客提出任何申索的权利。倘任何宾客遗失船票或其船票不完整,或倘任何宾客年满一岁但未持有船票,则须即时购买必需的船票。
  2. 当身处承运人的处所或船只时,宾客须遵守承运人的所有指示,包括但不限于本条款及条件。
  3. 于登船及航行的整个过程中,宾客须已接受航行所需的一切医疗疫苗注射,并须带备一切适当而必需的旅游文件(例如护照、签证、公民身分证明、多次通用入境证、显示所有必要疫苗的医疗证书及预定停靠及离船港口所需的一切其他文件)以供出示。尽管承运人或其代表不时提供任何建议或信息,宾客须全权负责确定及遵守所有入境要求,并确保自己符合旅游的法律资格。建议宾客查询旅行社或适当政府部门,以确定必要的文件及旅游资格规定。宾客须负责就因未能遵守该项规定而产生的任何法律责任、损失、损害赔偿或开支向承运人及所有第三方作出弥偿,并使承运人及所有第三方持续得到弥偿。宾客将须缴付承运人因文件不妥善或不遵守适用规例而招致的任何罚款或其他成本,有关金额可能自宾客的特等舱房账户及/或信用卡扣除。承运人可取消目前或变得因任何理由不合资格旅游或并无适当旅游文件的任何宾客的预订。倘船长或其他获授权邮轮人员认为宾客可能会在目的地遭入境或其他政府部门拒绝登陆或可能患上传染病或经接触传染的疾病,承运人或船长可于任何港口或地方拒绝任何宾客登船或要求任何宾客离船。在该等情况下,宾客无权获得任何船费退款或任何类别的赔偿。在任何情况下,承运人概不对任何宾客因该等取消或被拒登船所招致不论何种的任何成本、损害赔偿或开支承担法律责任。
  4. d. 宾客须于承运人指定的时间或之前抵达航行登船港口以登上船只,或如无通知时间,则宾客须于预定出发时间前最少3小时抵达。宾客同意于航行期间的所有停靠港口及时地回到船只,及无论如何在预定出发时间前不少于30分钟登上船只。宾客的责任为注意规定登船时间及回到船只,以免错过船只出发,并考虑船上的时间与沿岸时钟之间的任何时差。倘宾客并未于任何港口或地方准时登船,则承运人概不就后果承担任何法律责任。承运人并无义务延迟或偏离拟定行程,而宾客须承担因此产生的任何及所有成本。与宾客再度加入船只有关的交通成本,包括但不限于政府费用、签证费用、生活费、住宿、空运费用、汽艇费用、租车或代理费,须由宾客承担。
    此外,就逾时回到航行中任何停靠港口的乘客而言,每人将征收150新加坡元 (或其等数)的行政费。船只将有绝对权利按预定时间或其后任何时间离开港口,无须承担不论何种的任何法律责任、赔偿或退款,而倘乘客最终未能回到船只,则承运人与任何该等乘客之间的航程合约(包括根据航程合约可能协议的任何旅游服务或义务)将被视为已完全及充分地履行。
  5. 宾客确认邮轮上的医疗护理可能有限或延迟,邮轮可能前往医疗护理有限或无法提供的目的地,而船只未必设有船医或其他医务人员,视乎承运人的选择。因此,每名宾客须保证宾客及宾客照顾/负责的任何人士于登船时的身体状况须适合航行,并就此作出保证。承运人保留权利要求任何宾客出示健康状况适合航行的医疗证明。宾客必须自立及/或应与旅伴用行以提供于航行中需要的任何协助。承运人保留权利要求无法自立的宾客或与旅伴同行,该旅伴应负责在的任何宾客须就船旅程中需要的任何协助及紧急情况负责
    1. 任何肢体残疾或心智不健全、行动不便、存在其他身体状况或障碍而于旅程中可能需要任何类别的特殊护理、治疗或协助的宾客(包括使用轮椅的人士)必须于预约时以书面向承运人申报。如于预约后才出现残疾、行动不便或状况,则须尽快通知承运人。如承运人认为有需要,可能要求有关残疾、行动不便或状况的医疗证明或其他文件、信息或豁免。
    2. 倘任何宾客未能通知承运人任何肢体残疾、行动不便或其他状况而可能需要特殊协助或住宿,或承运人全权判断因该状况不适合旅游或可能需要非承运人所能提供的护理、治疗或照顾,或倘承运人不信纳可保证宾客及/或任何其他宾客的安全、舒适及健康,承运人保留权利拒绝或撤回宾客的航程或取消其预约。倘拒绝宾客登上船只,承运人可行使其绝对酌情权退回全部或部分船费,否则承运人将不会作出退款或赔偿。承运人就根据本条的条文拒绝宾客登船概不承担法律责任。
    3. 在不限制上述的一般性的原则下,在本文的条款规限下,怀孕的宾客须于预约航程时披露怀有身孕及怀孕阶段。宾客如已怀孕二十四(24)周或以上将被禁止登船旅游。所有待产宾客同意根据本条款及条件应要求于登船前向承运人提供核实其妊娠情况,证明即使宾客于离船时将怀孕未满二十四(24)周,健康状况也适合旅游的医生纸。如未能提供有关医生纸,可能导致宾客在并无退款、赔偿或付款的情况下取消预约,惟第9条所述的承运人取消政策所载者除外,视乎有关取消的时间而定。
    4. 于航行开始时未满6个月的儿童将被拒绝登上船只,而承运人将无须对拒绝登船的任何后果承担不论何种的法律责任。若干航行亦禁止未满12个月的儿童登船。宾客应于预订前向承运人查询。
    5. 倘承运人、船长、船只的医生或任何医疗人员于任何时间合理地认为任何宾客:—
      1. (1) 在任何方面不适合继续,构成滋扰或可能造成损害,或可能构成不便,危害或损害任何一名或以上人士的健康、安全或合理舒适(不论是否在船上),或可能危害或损害船只及/或其装置、家具、机器、设备或其任何部分或任何财物的安全,
      2. (2) 可能被拒绝在宾客的目的地港口或船只可能停靠的任何港口登陆,或
      3. (3) 可能令承运人须对宾客的生活费或支援或回国承担法律责任,则承运人、船长、船只的医生或医疗人员将有权(不论有否出示任何医疗证明)全权酌情决定于任何地方或港口及随时拒绝该名宾客登船或运送该宾客,于任何港口要求宾客离船,将宾客由一个卧铺转移至另一卧铺,以其他交通方式运送宾客,或将宾客禁闭在舱房或船只的诊所或任何其他部分。倘宾客在船只上或停靠港口岸上参与若干活动或项目将对任何宾客造成损害风险,则宾客未必能在船只上或停靠港口岸上参与若干活动或项目。宾客或与宾客同行的任何人士没有权就因上述任何行动而蒙受的任何损失或损害赔偿针对承运人提出申索。
    6. 倘宾客(包括本文所述者)要求任何特殊或额外住宿,或于旅程期间获得原本不会提供的特殊或额外照顾,必须于预约航程时通知承运人或其代理商,并须就此支付费用。除上文所述者外,宾客确认并同意承运人无责任或义务对提供一般向任何其他宾客提供的住宿、服务或设备以外的任何特殊住宿、服务或设备。
    7. 谨此通知有特殊需要的宾客,若干国际安全规定及规例可能对一名或以上行动不便、有严重视障及/或听障的人士造成困难。
    8. 由于船只上提供的任何轮椅仅作紧急用途,因此要求使用轮椅的宾客必须自行提供儿童/成人标准尺寸轮椅(阔22 ½寸),并须由身体健康、能协助他们的旅伴同行。
    9. 宾客谨此解除承运人由怀孕、已存在的不适、疾病、受伤、衰弱、残疾或伤病(不论精神上、身体上或其他)作为近因而造成的任何身故、受伤或损害赔偿承担的任何及所有法律责任。
    10. 宾客同意万一承运人选择垫付紧急医疗护理费用(包括在岸上提供的医疗护理以及有关交通及/或住宿),会弥偿及偿付承运人。
    11. 承运人所招致或支付及归咎于宾客未能遵守或符合任何国家的任何法律及/或承运人或任何政府机关、政府代理机构或官员、港口或港口官员的规例(包括不论何种有关入境、边境巡逻、海关、农业、卫生的任何地方规定或任何其他政府规例而须支付的任何种类的合理开支(包括罚款、处罚、关税或其他收费),须可应要求由承运人向宾客追讨及由宾客支付予承运人。
    12. 宾客无权就所蒙受或招致的任何亏损、成本或开支要求承运人退款或针对承运人提出诉讼,而承运人概不就承运人根据本条款及条件本着真诚采取的任何行动,对宾客承担不论何种类别的义务或法律责任。
  6. 于登上船只时,宾客必须于前台登记有效的信用卡或其他可接受的付款方法以支付任何特等舱房费用。宾客同意倘诚如(但不限于)本条描述承运人招致任何开支或蒙受任何损害,则承运人可向宾客的特等舱房账户及/或信用卡收取所招致的任何该等开支或所蒙受的损害。
  7. 于离开船只前,宾客必须全数支付向宾客特等舱房账户收取的所有费用。
  8. 每名宾客同意于所有时间遵守承运人及其高级人员的所有规则及依从承运人及其高级人员的指示,如未能遵守及依从可导致宾客离船,而承运人无须承担向宾客或任何同行宾客退款或赔偿不论何种的任何其他相关开支或损失的任何法律责任。
  9. 未满18岁的宾客(「未成年人」)必须由年满18岁的宾客(「同行成人」)陪同。同行成人明确同意对未成年人于航行期间的安全、行径及行为负责;至于夜间航行,同行成人必须与未成年人占用同一特等舱房或与未成年人特等舱房相连的特等舱房。同行成人的责任包括但不限于制止未成年人购买或饮用酒精、防止未成年人在船只上参与任何形式的赌博、确保未成年人遵守及防止未成年人违反任何邮轮规则,以及根据本航程合约就未成年人所有负债及应付款项向承运人作出弥偿。倘同行成人并非未成年人的父母或法定监护人,则同行成人及未成年人的结婚证书核证副本或父母/监护人授权未成年人在紧急情况下旅游及未成年人的治疗的经公证同意函,必须于码头交予代表或承运人的前台人员。倘未能于登船时出示该文件,可能导致被拒登船而不获提供任何退款或赔偿。倘宾客于船只上购买或饮用酒精或参与任何形式的赌博,必须年满18岁或以上。
  10. 宾客须受承运人作出的行李限制(包括但不限于下文第13条所载者)以及其他空运及陆运承运人作出的行李限制规限。宾客负责于出发前查看有关行李限制,就任何禁止携带的行李承担责任,或缴付限制造成的额外收费(包括任何额外行李收费)。
  11. 宾客禁止携带任何火器、任何类别的武器、弹药、爆炸品或任何属危险性质的货品(包括但不限于刀、刀片或任何类别的锋利利器程度;任何防射性、易燃、爆炸性、腐蚀性及有毒物品;及任何危险品或任何适用国家或国际法律、规例或法令禁止携带上船的任何物品登上船只。
  12. 宾客禁止携带任何类别的动物(不论生死,包括家禽、鱼类、贝介类、家居宠物或其他动物,但不包括导盲犬)登上船只。视障或听障的宾客可携带经注册导盲犬。宾客如有意携带导盲犬旅游,必须提前通知承运人。于办理登船时,宾客必须出示狗只注册为导盲犬的证书、狗只所有有效的健康及预防注射证明书、入境许可证及目的地适用法律、规例或法令规定的所有其他文件。
  13. 宾客不得携带任何气味令人讨厌或不快或带有臭味或恼人噪音的货品;或任何可能对船只上其他宾客造成滋扰或危险的任何物品登上船只。
  14. 宾客禁止携带任何酒精饮品、使人醉酒的烈酒或饮料登上船只。所有酒精、葡萄酒/香槟及过多的非酒精饮料将被充公弃置而不获赔偿。于船只内的礼品店或停靠港口购买的酒精饮料将于航行期间由承运人保存,并于抵达离船港口时归还宾客。宾客不得就因此招致的任何损失或不便申索。承运人保留权利拒绝向任何乘客招待酒精。宾客确认在船只上允许购买、管有或饮用酒精饮料的最低年龄为十八(18)岁。宾客同意负责监察其负责看管的所有未成年人,以确保未成年人不会违反这项或任何其他船上规例。企图使用虚假身份证明文件购买酒精的宾客将被视为违反这项政策。宾客同意承运人有权要求任何违反这项政策的宾客以及与违反这项政策或任何其他船上规例的未成年人同行的任何同行成人离船。
  15. 承运人的受雇人或代理商有权搜查宾客及/或其行李及货品,以确定是否存在第4k至4n条条文涵盖的任何物品。宾客同意于船只的船长或承运人的其他获授权受雇人或代理商要求时允许搜查。宾客须负责因携带第4k至4n条条文涵盖的任何物品登上船只而导致的任何损失或损害赔偿,承运人将有权销毁或以其他方式处置该物品,以保护乘客及船只的安全,而无须对拥有该物品的乘客承担任何法律责任。
  16. 承运人可能进一步拒绝承运人认为因其重量、形状、大小或性质而不适宜运输的任何物品上船。
  17. 倘宾客携带易碎、易腐烂及贵重的物品上船,须自行承担风险。承运人或船只在任何情况下均无须对宾客或任何其他一名或以上人士就易碎、易腐烂或贵重的物品的遗失或损毁承担不论何种类别的义务或法律责任。
  18. 除非宾客自承运人取得事先书面批准,否则宾客不得就任何专业、事业或商业活动牟利或为其他用途而于航行期间在船只上游说任何人士,包括但不限于其他宾客、承运人的雇员、工作人员或代理商。倘未能遵守这项规定,可导致被强迫离开船只,而承运人概不就退还任何部分的船费或不论何种的任何附带成本承担法律责任。
  19. 宾客确认船只包含非吸烟区。宾客同意避免在非吸烟区吸烟,并同意承运人有权就未能遵守承运人的非吸烟政策要求宾客离船。
  20. 宾客严禁在船上进行非法活动或行为。宾客同意遵守这项政策,并确认承运人的政策是向适当的执法机关汇报非法活动或行为的事件。
  21. 宾客同意在未得承运人明确书面同意下,将不会使用自己、任何其他宾客、船员或第三方在船只上,或描述船只、其设计、设备或其不论何种的任何部分的任何录音、视频或相片作任何商业用途或任何媒体广播或任何其他非私人用途。宾客确认一经登上船只,即代表宾客不可撤回地于任何时间同意这项条文,而这是获准登上船只并可通过任何合法方法(包括但不限强制性济助)执行的先决条件。
  22. 倘宾客根据本航程合约的任何条文遭拒绝登船、禁闭在特定舱房或要求离开船只,宾客同意:
    1. 承运人将无须就船费的任何退款、其他赔偿或任何损害赔偿承担法律责任。
    2. 离船及回到登船港口或任何其他目的地的开支将由宾客自行承担。
    3. 向承运人作出弥偿,而承运人可于宾客的特等舱房账户及/或信用卡扣除承运人就宾客离船及/或回国所招致的任何及所有开支。
  23. 除非已支付单人旅客附加费,否则宾客无权独家占用设有两个或以上卧铺的舱房。倘取消导致宾客变成设有两个或以上卧铺的舱房的唯一占用人,则宾客须支付单人旅客附加费。倘取消导致原先一并预订舱房的宾客人数减少,则余下的宾客须各自支付因减少而产生的价格增幅。
  24. 宾客须于离船港口或按承运人的指示离开船只。倘宾客于航行结束后违反承运人指示留在船只上,将遭到承运人撤离。宾客同意弥偿承运人因宾客拒绝或未能按承运人指示离开船只导致承运人招致的任何延迟、成本、开支、损失或损害赔偿,并使承运人免受损失。
  25. 承运人建议宾客就行李及个人物品财产的遗失或损毁、旅程取消及紧急撤离、意外伤亡、疾病及就航行蒙受或招致的医疗开支投购保险保障。
  26. 对于承运人不论直接或间接原因或相关于或归咎于宾客或所负责的未成年人的任何作为、不作为、疏忽或违反责任或违反或未能履行或遵守、或疏于履行或遵守航程合约的本条款及条件或就此蒙受或招致或作出不论何种性质的所有或任何负债、损失、申索、损害赔偿、成本、开支及/或延迟,宾客须向承运人承担法律责任,向承运人作出十足的偿付及弥偿,并使承运人免受损失。
  27. 鼓励宾客于预约承运人及登船前,参考宾客国家的政府或宾客计划旅游目的地的政府所发出的旅游警告或外游警示。


  1. 承运人的责任不得超逾承运人根据适用法律及本航程合约有权享有的法律责任限制。概不就船只的适航性、性能或状况或船只上供应的任何食品、饮料、药品或必需品提供或暗示承诺、担保或保证。承运人在任何情况下概不就船只的宾客区以外地区或船只本身发生的任何事故承担法律责任,包括但不限于于岸上、并非由船只拥有的补给船上、于并非船只一部分的设备上或因并非船只一部分的设备、或于船坞或码头上发生的事故。
  2. 尽管已作出一切合理照顾以在船上向宾客提供医疗照顾,有关医疗照顾及/或船上的设施无法视为如普通医院般完善的医疗设施。医疗设施仅于紧急情况下及作为急救功能提供。
  3. 宾客确认倘因医疗理由而需要使用任何交通工具撤离,会为宾客及代表宾客安排交通,成本及费用由宾客承担。宾客亦确认及接受,倘承运人就有关交通垫付任何费用,承运人可自由向宾客申索有关款项。
  4. 承运人可随时因不论何种的任何理由向宾客提供有别于已经编配给宾客或向宾客提供的住宿,而不作补偿,惟住宿标准及房型须与于预约时承运人确认者大致相同或更佳(如有)。倘承运人无法提供替代住宿,宾客有权接受承运人提供的任何替代住宿及(如适用)合理赔偿或终止航程合约,在此情况下,退款相当于只包括航行的船费的未使用部分(如有),但不作进一步赔偿。
  5. 在雅典公约适用时,针对承运人提出的所有申索须根据公约提出。在所有其他情况下,承运人的法律责任将不会超逾:—
    1. (如属宾客人身伤亡)每名宾客70,000美元,包括医疗成本、伤残赔偿等(或不论何种费用);及
    2. (如属财物遗失或损毁)(a)每名宾客300美元,或(b)每千克遗失或损毁物品5美元,或(iii)每个袋子或每件行李75美元(以最低者为准)。
  6. 倘船只因不论何种的任何理由(包括承运人的失误)并无于预定或广告日期或前后出航,承运人可自由以任何其他船只或交通方式替代(不论是否由承运人拥有或运营),并在该处重新安排宾客卧铺,或由承运人选择退回已支付的航程款项或其按比例部分,而无须就不论何种类别的损害赔偿或损失进一步承担法律责任。
  7. 谨此协议承运人无须就并非由承运人雇用的任何人士的故意或疏忽行动,或承运人的雇员并非当值时或并非其雇用过程或职责范围内的任何故意或疏忽行动负上转承法律责任。
  8. 谨此协议承运人无须就因宾客使用船只的运动或康乐设备,或因宾客决定参与任何运动或康乐活动或项目而造成的损失、损毁或受伤承担法律责任。
  9. 承运人无须就任何情况下任何类别的精神上的痛苦、精神折磨/极度痛苦或心理伤害对宾客承担法律责任,惟因承运人或其代理商或雇员故意疏忽或行为造成,及因同一名宾客实际身体损伤或一直承担实际身体损伤风险而导致的损害赔偿除外。
  10. 承运人无须就对相应而生的损失或损毁或就置留、延迟或超载(不论如何造成)相应而生的损失或损毁或的申索承担法律责任,惟倘为仅归咎于承运人失误导致延迟造成宾客的损失,则承运人可偿付无可避免地招致的开支,上限为已付船费的10%。
  11. 如属「飞航+邮轮」(及如于预订时尚未确认),承运人将于知悉安排后的合理时间内通知飞行安排的详情。倘于通知后任何安排需要更改,则任何该等更改将不会构成承运人的重大修改,而承运人的任何法律责任将限于支付宾客直接因此招致的任何必要及合理开支。为免生疑问,在任何情况下,承运人均无须就所订约航空公司就「飞航+邮轮」拒绝宾客登机承担法律责任,拒绝登机由该航空公司全权酌情决定。


  1. 宾客声明及保证宾客及其负责的未成年人的健康状况适合继续,并无在任何方面构成滋扰,而宾客及未成年人的财物及行径将不会在任何方面造成损害或不便、危害或损害任何一名或以上人士的健康、安全或合理舒适(不论是否在船上),或危害或损害船只及/或其装置、家具、机器、设备或其任何部分或任何财物的安全。宾客将进一步维护及弥偿承运人及承运人个别及全部代理商或受雇人因违反此项声明而导致不论何种的任何人身伤亡或损毁或损失而产生不论何种的所有法律责任。
  2. 为了国际海上保安及安全的利益,及为了其他宾客或任何具有行政与政府机关权利行动的第三方的利益或方便,宾客协议及谨此同意对宾客本人及其财物进行合理搜身或实际搜查,或以检查、扫瞄或其他方式搜查(不论有否通知),及同意将承运人、船长及/或船只上的任何高级人员认为可能在任何方面对任何一名或以上人士(不论是否在船上)的健康、安全或合理舒适造成不便、危害或损害,或危害或损害船只及/或其装置、家具、机器、设备或其任何部分或任何财物的安全的任何财物进行扣押。倘任何宾客拒绝任何该等搜查或检查或扫瞄或携带该等物品,可能遭拒绝登船或被要求离船,而不会退回船费。船长或任何在船长的授权下行事的任何船员有权随时进入宾客占用的舱房,以搜查受管制或违禁物质,或以作维护工程、保安或安全用途。
  3. 为了尽量提升宾客的舒适度和安全,宾客须于旅程中在船上遵守以下规定及任何船员的所有其他合理指示:(i)只饮用适量酒精,并只于旅程中饮用船员提供的酒精;及(ii)行为举止不会对其他宾客造成滋扰或受到其他宾客合理反对,例如以大音量操作手提式电子装置。


  1. 承运人可随时修订航程合约的条款及条件,恕不另行通知宾客。
  2. 预约修订仅由承运人全权酌情决定,倘承运人同意任何预约修订要求,将有权征收其视为合适的行政费。

八。 承运人的取消或修改

  1. 承运人的非重大修改
  2. 承运人的取消及重大修改
  3. 航行中断或重大修改







  1. 天灾,包括但不限于不利天气状况、海上、河上、运河上、湖水或其他水面上的危险、任何类别的航海的危险、缺乏运河通道、潮汐、地震、风暴、台风、闪电、暴风雨或水浸、冰块,
  2. 船上或岸上罢工、封锁、停工或限制贸易或劳工、船员擅离职守或拒绝服从、船员的不当损害行为、工业行动或劳动力困难、骚乱或冲突、或因任何理由短缺(不论部分或全面及不论承运人是否为当中订约方),
  3. 任何病毒爆发、疫症、恶劣天气、传染病(包括但不限于严重急性呼吸系统综合症或类似严重急性呼吸系统综合症事件或诺如病毒类疾病或2019冠状病毒病或其变种病毒),;
  4. 核爆、放射性或电离辐射,;
  5. 因不管如何及于任何地方船只发生爆炸、火灾、碰撞、触礁、搁浅或沉没,或船只或其船体、装置、家具、机器或设备出现损坏或故障或损毁,
  6. 内乱、暴乱、动荡、叛乱、战争、内战、敌对状态、阻塞、封港令禁运君主、统治者或人民所作的拘禁或限制、政府限制或征用、政治骚乱、暴动、革命、胁迫、叛乱、国内冲突内乱、军事或篡权、侵略、外敌行为、恐怖主义行为或威胁、公敌行为、海上抢劫、胁持劫持、轰炸、蓄意破坏或刑事毁坏、根据法律程序扣押或逮捕,
  7. 任何政府机关任何种类的行动、限制、规例、细则、拒绝给予任何牌照或许可、禁止或措施,或无法取得供给或供给失效(包括燃料),
  8. 任何电器或电子硬件、设备、机器、部件或电脑(包括承运人、其受雇人或代理商所使用的程式或软件)的机械件故障、意外、故障或不正常操作或损毁(不论直接或间接)、港口关闭、拥挤、入坞或锚泊困难、盗窃,
  9. 进出口规例或禁运,
  10. 隔离限制或封锁(不论全面或部分),
  11. 批量或重量泿费、潜在缺陷或固有缺陷(即使在登船或航行开始时已经存在)、船只或财物质量或缺点或自然损耗的法律责任,
  12. 宾客的行动、疏忽或违约或违反或未能遵守本条款及条件的任何条文,
  13. 财物的包装或标签或记名地址不足或不当,
  14. 宾客或代表宾客行事的任何人士处理、装载、积载或卸载财物,
  15. 承运人或船只可能无法避免的情况,以及其无法通过行使合理努力而避免的后果(统称为「不可抗力事件」)。
  16. 宾客承认及确认通过远洋航行的船只旅游有时会带来非承运人可合理控制或减缓的风险及情况。对于因任何不可抗力事件或非承运人所能控制任何类别损失产生或导致或承运人或船长判断为必要或合宜的不论何种的任何受伤、损失或损毁,宾客须承担风险,并解除承运人的法律责任。在任何该等情况下,航行可能完全或部分修改、缩短、延长或取消,而承运人无须承担退款或其他的法律责任。







  1. 倘出航预定日期及时间延迟超过24小时,而宾客并无于船只上住宿,则承运人可全权酌情决定于延迟期间为宾客安排合理住宿及膳食,宾客无须承担额外开支。
  2. 倘预定登船港口更改,则承运人可全权酌情决定安排替代交通方式(由承运人决定的海上、空中或陆路交通)由原定登船港口接送至重订登船港口,宾客无须承担额外开支,或倘无法提供替代交通,则承运人将退回宾客已支付的船费。
  3. 倘预定离船港口更改,则承运人可全权酌情决定安排替代交通方式(由承运人决定的海上、空中或陆路交通)由离船点接送至船只停靠的最近港口,宾客无须承担额外开支,或倘无法提供替代交通,则承运人将退回宾客相等于替代交通的金额,惟该金额不得超逾宾客已支付的船费。
  4. 倘航行的预定时间长短缩短,不论因船只略过或更改在任何一个或以上中途港口进行预定停靠,则承运人就此承担的唯一法律责任为按照航行减少的整日天数向宾客退回按比例计算的船费,惟航行的预定时间长短须缩短超过24小时。
  5. 倘航行的预定时间长短因不论何种的任何理由延长,则承运人无须就延长期间对乘客承担不论何种的关法律责任,而乘客无权就延迟获得任何付款或赔偿。惟上述任何延迟、更改或略过须并非由宾客引致或在任何方面归咎于宾客违反本文的条款及条件及/或宾客的任何作为、疏忽或违约及/或并非因任何不可抗力事件导致。倘行程因邮轮的技术问题或非承运人所能控制的任何其他事宜导致未能按预定停靠港口而更改,则承运人将退回宾客已支付的适当部分船费。




  1. 当本文使用「行李」一词,仅指载有衣物、服装配饰、盥洗用品及类似个人物品的行李、手提箱、旅行袋、小背包、袋子、衣架或包袱及其内载物,包括宾客并非载于盛器的所有其他个人财物产。宾客不应携带谋生工具、家庭用品、烈酒、易碎品或贵重物品、黄金、珠宝、宝石、可流转票据、文件或不论如何描述的其他贵重物品或适用法律列明的物品登上船只或将之放入宾客的行李,惟宾客于登船前根据与承运人订立的特别书面合约的条款申请或受有关条款规限者除外。宾客谨此保证并无携带该等物品登上船只,或将之放入乘客作为行李向承运人呈示的任何容器或盛器。承运人无须对任何上列物品或易腐烂物品、假牙、光学设备(包括隐形眼镜)、药物、相机、康乐及/或体育设备、现金、证券或其他可流转票据于不论何种的任何情况下,亦不论是否放入宾客的行李或其他容器携带的任何遗失或损毁承担法律责任。
  2. 每名宾客均有权将最多两(2)件分别不超过二十五(25)公斤,且必须能宽裕地放入宾客舱房的行李登上船只。然而,在承运人事先书面同意下,宾客可携带额外行李上船,宾客须向承运人支付按照现行适用费率计算的超额行李费。
  3. 任何种类的行李(包括超额行李)只能放入宾客的个人财物,不得携带他人的财物登上船只。
  4. 宾客不得作为行李携带武器、火器、弹药、爆炸品、纵火器或易燃或其他危险、有害、危险性或有毒物品或任何类型的物质,或将之带上船只。每名宾客保证作为行李携带或呈示的任何容器或其他盛器并无戴有该等物品。宾客于登船时管有的任何该等物品或有毒物质须即时交给承运人的适当员工,而承运人保留权利将此等或其全权酌情认为有损任何人士的安全或舒适或任何宾客不当管有的任何其他物品充公、销毁及/或交予当局。宾客须就适用法律施加的所有罚款或处罚,以及承运人、船只或任何人士或财物蒙受的所有损害赔偿及损失或因宾客将任何该等货品或物品带上或携带登上船只或其后果,而对承运人或船长承担法律责任或作出偿付。
  5. 承运人或船长或船只的任何高级人员可全权酌情决定因不论任何理由于任何时间或地点从船只的一部分移动任何财物至船只的另一部分,或完全从船只移走、处置或销毁该财物,而无须向负责将该财物带上船的宾客或管有或托管或拥有该财物的任何人士承担不论何种类别的任何法律责任。
  6. 每件行李必须妥善收拾,及清楚以标签显示宾客的全名、住址、船只名称、出航日期及目的地,倘宾客并无办妥,承运人及/或船只概不对运送财物不论如何产生不论何种的任何遗失或损毁或延迟承担法律责任。
  7. 于船只抵达后未获认领的财物将加以储存,风险及费用概由宾客及/或财物拥有人承担,倘于船只抵达后30日内未获领取,承运人可以其视为合适的不论任何方式处置,而无须对宾客及/或财物拥有人及/或任何其他人士承担任何法律责任或支付赔偿。
  8. 宾客无须就行李或个人物品财产或财物支付或有权收取任何一般平均分担款项。
  9. 承运人、船只及/或船长须对属于任何宾客或由其管有的任何行李、金钱及其他财物享有留置权,而不论财物是否于宾客乘坐的船只或承运人拥有或租用的任何其他船只运送,以清偿宾客根据航程合约或任何其他合约或其他条文属于或可能于任何方面已到期支付承运人或其受雇人、代理商或代表的不论何种的任何款项、金钱、开支、收费或损害赔偿,包括于行使该留置权及通过拍卖或其他方式出售财物的权利时招致的任何开支及成本,而无须通知宾客,并将出售所得款项用于宾客应付承运人的所有款项及执行该留置权及与储存及出售该行李及财物有关的成本及开支。于向宾客支付余额(如有)后,承运人、船只及/或船长将被解除对财物的不论何种的所有法律责任。
  10. 所有贵重物品必须存放于承运人不时指定的保险箱。
  11. 本文所载的所有免责声明及法律责任限制须适用于承运人储存或接受储存的所有贵重物品,包括在保险箱或保安袋存放在承运人处的贵重物品。对于遗漏在舱房的贵重物品或其他物品的遗失或损毁,承运人概不承担责任及无论如何概不承担法律责任,而对于宾客并无显示于承运人实际托管时发生或普通磨损或正常使用的任何类别的财产物品的遗失或损毁,承运人无论如何概不承担法律责任。
  12. 宾客必须于离开相关地区的海关前向承运人的工作人员申报于装载或离船时发生的行李遗失或损毁;承运人无须对未有如此申报的任何有关遗失或损毁负责。对于在船只上以外地方就空中、车上、长途公车、地面接送、行李搬运工人、装卸工人及/或酒店发生的行李遗失或损毁的法律责任(如有),仅由提供该等服务的人士或实体承担,而宾客同意承运人概不保证该等服务的履行,亦无须于任何方面或以任何身份就任何该等遗失或损毁承担法律责任。
  13. 承运人拥有交由其他承运人(不论海运、铁路或空运)转移宾客及/或其行李至或前往最终目的地的绝对权利。倘该替代航程乃为了承运人方便,则由承运人承担费用。否则将由宾客承担费用。
  14. 于行李转移期间(包括从任何酒店或机场出发时,于任何新的目的地抵达时,或转换交通工具或方式时),识别属于宾客的行李及确保行李以适当方式处理以运送至下一个目的地的责任由宾客承担。
  15. 在最终目的地遗漏在船只上的任何行李或财物将加以储存,送还费用由宾客承担。







  1. 宾客的任何受伤或身故申索须于身故或受伤导致发生申索日期起计三十(30)日内以书面通知承运人全部详情。
  2. 财物的任何遗失或损毁申索须于发现财物遗失或损毁后尽快以书面通知承运人所有保险保障详情。
  3. 所有行李在承运人运输或储存时假定为并无损毁,而宾客离船或接受再度运送将为承运人运送的财物运作及状况良好及数量与收取时相同的表面证据。对于宾客的行李/财物的任何遗失或损毁,承运人及/或船只概不承担不论何种的法律责任,除非已就以下情况于以下时间向承运人及/或船只发出遗失或损毁的书面通知则作别论:—
    1. 如属明显损毁,于之前或当时发出书面通知,或
    2. 如属并非明显损毁或遗失,于宾客离船日期起计十五(15)天内申索有关遗失或损毁,或如属再度运送财物,或再度运送应已发生,则以较后者为准。
  4. 本条款及条件内并无通知条文的任何申索,须于提出申索的宾客离船日期或离船应已发生日期(以较后者为准)起计三十(30)天内以书面通知承运人,或如属财物,则以再度运送财物日期或再度运送应已发生日期(以较后者为准)起计。
  5. 倘宾客申报任何身故或受伤或财物遗失或损毁,承运人须尽早获得检查机会,以确定身故或受伤的成因,或财物遗失或损毁的成因、性质及程度。
  6. 承运人将根据本条获得书面通知。


  1. 宾客人身伤亡或财物遗失或损毁所产生的任何损害赔偿诉讼,倘并无于两(2)年期间内提出程序,将会丧失时效,而承运人及船只将被解除不论何种的所有法律责任,有关期间的计算方法如下:
    1. 如属人身伤害,则自该人身伤害发生或乘客离船日期(以较早者为准)起计;
    2. 如属于以下时间发生的宾客身故—
      1. 于离船之前或之时,则自宾客应已离船日期起计;或
      2. 于因运输期间发生的人身伤害导致离船后,则自身故日期起计,惟此期间不得自离船日期起计超逾两(2)年;
    3. 如属财物遗失或损毁,则自财物所属或托管、管有或控制财物或运送或自财物被携带或财物登上船只的宾客离船日期,或离船应已发生日期(以较后者为准)起计;
  2. 于本条款及条件中并无时效条文的任何行动或申索将于宾客离船日期或离船应已发生日期(以较后者为准)起计两(2)年期间后丧失时效,而承运人及船只须被解除不论何种的所有法律责任,或如属财物,则以再度运送财物日期或再度运送应已发生日期(以较后者为准)起计;
  3. 时效的中止及中断理据须由受理案件的法院的法律规管,但在任何情况下,根据任何航程合约或本条款及条件的诉讼或申索无论如何不得在自宾客离船日期或离船应已发生日期(以较后者为准)起计三(3)年期间届满后提出(不论诉讼或申索以合约法或侵权法提出),或如属财物,则自财物再度运送日期或再度运送应已发生日期(以较后者为准)起计;
  4. 不论本条第a、b及c段的条文,时效期限可于诉因已产生后但于初始时效期限届满前,以承运人的书面声明或订约方的书面协议延长。承运人可全权酌情决定但无义务授出或同意时效期限延长。







  1. 倘宾客预订或预约航行,或通过销售代理、旅行社、旅行团营办商或其他中介人(于下文称为「旅行社」)与承运人交易,则宾客同意并确认:—
    1. 旅行社仅作为宾客的代理商而非承运人的代理商行事,并获全面授权为宾客及代表宾客作出任何航行安排及任何相关旅游、住宿及旅行团或办理不论何种的任何事宜,包括但不限于与承运人订立航程合约,收取承运人发出的任何船票,作出、修订或取消任何预约,签署不论何种的任何文件,以及支付及收取任何款项。
    2. 本文所载的所有条款及条件须构成旅行社为宾客及代表宾客所缔结的任何航程合约的一部分
    3. 承运人无须对旅行社的任何作为、疏忽或违约承担法律责任,
    4. 承运人概无法律责任退还将宾客向旅行社支付以转交承运人或作为旅行社未能转交的其他用途的任何款项,或重发已经发出的船票及送交旅行社。承运人向代表宾客的旅行社作出的任何退款须被视为向宾客付款,而不论旅行社是否将款项交予宾客,及
    5. 承运人概不对旅行社的任何声明或操守负责,包括但不限于未能将宾客的订金或其他款项汇给承运人(而宾客于任何时间均须对承运人承担法律责任),或未能将承运人的退款汇给宾客,或未能遵守有关当局制定的任何规例,包括但不限于签证规定。倘旅行社因不论何种理由而未能将宾客支付给旅行社的任何款项汇给承运人,宾客须对及仍须对应付承运人的船费承担法律责任,而不论有关法律责任于登船前还是登船后主张。本航程合约的发出及有效性取决于承运人于出航前收到最终付款。
    6. 旅行社收讫本航程合约、船票(有时以预订确认书形式)或任何其他有关航行的文件或通知,将构成宾客收讫。
  2. 任何旅行社或看来是为另一名宾客或订约方及代表另一名宾客或订约方与承运人交易的订约方(以下称为「宾客代理商」)谨此保证及声明拥有全面及必需授权,在任何航程合约缔结的情况下为该另一名宾客或订约方及代表该另一名宾客或订约方行事,已于航程合约缔结前向该另一名宾客或其他订约方发出本文所有条款及条件的完整通知,而该另一名宾客或其他订约方谨此保证、声明及确认宾客代理商已获全面授权就不论何种的任何事宜为另一名宾客或其他订约方及代表另一名宾客或其他订约方行事,包括但不限于与承运人订立航程合约,领取承运人发出的任何船票,作出、修订或取消任何预约,签署不论何种的任何文件,以及支付及收取任何款项,而本文的所有条款及条件将构成宾客代理商为另一名宾客或其他订约方及代表另一名宾客或其他订约方缔结的任何航程合约的一部分。
  3. 宾客代理商谨此同意偿付及全数弥偿承运人不论直接或间接原因或相关于或归咎于宾客代理商违反任何保证或航程合约规定的事宜或就此蒙受或招致或作出不论何种性质的所有或任何损失、申索、损害赔偿、成本、开支及/或延迟,并使承运人免受损失。
  4. 在不损害上述有关行李遗失的条文的原则下,倘任何财物并非宾客本身的无产权负担承担的财物,则宾客将就本条款及条件及航程合约被视为该财物的拥有人或拥有其权益的其他订约方的代理商,保证拥有所有拥有人及拥有该财物权益的订约方的授权以订立航程合约,并以本条款及条件约束该等拥有人及订约方以及宾客。宾客须偿付及全数弥偿承运人不论直接或间接原因或相关于或归咎于未有宾客授权代表拥有人或拥有财物权益的订约方订立本航程合约或就此所蒙受或招致或作出不论何种性质的所有或任何损失、申索、损害赔偿、成本、开支及/或延迟,并使承运人免受损失。
  5. 二十。已安装的闭路电视系统



    倘根据本航程合约的条款及条件须发出的任何通知或其他通讯由专人送递、以平邮或经速递公司或传真寄往承运人(地址为 320 Serangoon Road #15-09 Singapore 218108 ),则将被视为已送达另一订约方。

    二十二。选择法律 / 司法管辖权条款




    二十四。 语言


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